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A little list of little things

Little things that make me happy when I’m feeling a bit wobbly:

-Guinea Pigs
-A book to lose myself in
-Making Spotify playlists of all the music I loved when I was growing up
-Doing my makeup and playing with crazy colours
-Playing with the cat
-A huge mug of tea
-Playing piano (or another musical instrument)
-Binge-watching videos on YouTube for an escapist moment
-Sitting outside
-Log fires
-Hair mask time
-Listening to classical music
-Planting seeds
-Lighting some candles or incense
-A pile of magazines (I love Breathe, Lionheart, She Is Fierce, Ernest Journal…)
-A glass of water
-Headphones to close myself away from the world with some good music
-Hiding under a blanket
-Losing myself in making something – jewellery, a painting, a piece of music

What would you add?



6 thoughts on “A little list of little things

  1. Great list Sal.

    Here’s some that I would add for me:
    – Swimming
    – Writing in my journal
    – Visiting a local cafe and sitting quietly
    – Window shopping
    – Long walks

    1. Thanks Michael,

      Oh yes, I agree with those too! Especially sitting in a cafe. Something about people watching and the murmur of voices, being with people yet being anonymous…

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