Thrifted: Suit Jacket September ’17

Hello! Welcome back to Thrifted, where I share some of the things I’ve found in charity shops recently. I get most of my clothes second hand, and I love finding crazy pieces as well as most of my staples! I find I can afford way better quality clothes if I buy them second hand – and tend to mix cheaper basics with one eye-catching piece. If you’re into thrift store clothing, please share your finds with me on social media, I’d love to see what you’ve discovered!

This month, I found a fabulous suit jacket in the men’s section and bought it basically because it felt like a sofa, really velvety and soft. And it even has ‘sofa buttons’, you know, those fabric buttons they have on footstools sometimes… No? Just me?
Aaanyway, I loved it, and thought I could style it with a garish shirt, denim, and some Tennant-as-The-Doctor-inspired trainers. Let me know what you think! Items listed below 🙂



Jacket: Racing Green.
Shirt: Betty Jackson Black.
Skull Earrings: Found in Oxfam.
Jeans: Primark.
Sneakers: Adidas Forest Hills.
Bag: Coach.

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1 thought on “Thrifted: Suit Jacket September ’17

  1. Love it on you. Picks out the dark hues on the shirt and matches your pale blue eyes a treat. Love the contast of the pale trainers/bag too.

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