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I’m not a follower of high fashion. I’m the last person who should be posting about style, spending most my down time (and up time) in jeans and oversized hoodies, wild bright orange hair frizzing around my head like some sort of neon halo. I’m kind of wondering why I’m even doing this, which of course is even more reason to do it!

So, no expectations, guys. I’m really not very stylish. But I love eclectic pieces, little prizes scored after a rummage around a charity shop. I’m not that excited by new clothes from new shops and so hardly buy anything brand new any more!  However, I do like finding intriguing preloved pieces, fab labels, good quality items and just downright epic clothing, and so this area of the blog is a place to share my funky finds…

First up, a suitably garish pair of shoes, of course!

I’ll post more/better pictures soon, I was just excited to share a peek of these bad boys with the world. I mean, metallic, red, ‘yes-they’re-supposed-to-be-scuffed’ Cavalli sneakers, what more could a girl want? I feel like Dorothy. With less blisters.

Anyway, hope you enjoy! Stay tuned for more epic, eclectic finds 😉

Metallic distressed sneakers, by Roberto Cavalli Angels



2 thoughts on “Welcome to Thrifted: eclectic second-hand fashion

  1. Those are great shoes! New clothes don’t excite me either. I, too, love finds at thrift stores and resale shops. Vintage works, too! I’m looking forward to seeing more of your finds!

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