One Empty Shelf is changing.

There, I said it, it’s finally out. It’s happening. Eek!

It’s a scary step, and some would say a strange decision. But the truth is, I’ve changed – and for a while now I’ve felt restricted by the ‘Minimalism’ focus of the blog. Don’t get me wrong, simplifying, being minimal, whatever you want to call it – it’s still a huge part of my life. But there is so much more to me that I want to share, and I feel that I’ve written all I can about being minimalist. There are other adventures out there waiting.

Minimalism gave me the space to begin to explore who I am. Over the years my outlook on the world has changed a lot, all thanks to learning to let go of all the clutter that was holding me back. Physical clutter, mental clutter…it’s been a journey. And I learnt, and let go, and learnt some more.

And so now it’s time to let go of one more thing.

I look at blog stats and analytics and all of that jazz. I read newsletters telling me to focus on my most popular pages, focus on search terms and SEO, click-throughs and conversion. I look day after day at the top performing page on my site, my year of buying nothing. And I feel nostalgia, and wonder how many other people are starting out on that journey. That’s looking back, not forwards. It’s time to change direction.

My old content will still be here, of course, though over the coming months the site will freshen up a bit, and the posts will be a little different. There’s so much I want to explore and create.

Everything started with that one, empty shelf, all those years ago. So the name is staying – but there is now a little more room for nature, thoughts, ideas, quiet, questions… little things I love, little places I go… photos, videos, songs, discussions….

My aim is for One Empty Shelf to become a quiet little place on the web where we can come to find breathing space. A blanket, tea, rain-on-the-windows kind of place. Where you’re always welcome to come and take a break from the relentless onslaught of media, of politics, of bad news. A place of positivity, creativity, and of course, simplicity.

I’d love to know what you think of the new direction. Constructive comments are appreciated, and you can always find me on all the usual social media places and more frequently on YouTube over the next few months.

With love, peace, and a change on the breeze –

Sal x

4 thoughts on “Change

  1. Sounds like a natural progression to me. One thing I have noticed as I have adopted a minimalist lifestyle is that I now have more time for doing what I really want to be doing. Now that I have less to clean and maintain I can read more books, take more longs walks, go see more art, create more art, cook more interesting recipes, spend more time meditating, spend more time with friends and family, etc… You can continue to inspire people towards a minimalist lifestyle by showing them what they can do with the time and money they save.

    Cheers to the new One Empty Shelf!

  2. Fantastic! Look forward to seeing and sharing in the journey, loving the new look of the site! 🙂

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