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Clearing out – Spring Decluttering

Clearing out – Spring Decluttering 

It’s spring! Finally! And along with the better weather and hints of warmth appearing in the longer days, I seem to have woken from the sluggishness of winter along with the season.

Feeling more ‘spring-like’ means I’ve been looking at life with new eyes…and along with that, comes the inevitable feeling to declutter again.

Since my first big declutter that started me on the Minimalism journey, along with my 2 years of buying nothing new, I’ve managed to keep a lid on the possessions I let into to my life. But recently, as I was feeling a little down, a little unsure of life’s direction…well, a few things have snuck their way into our house. Things I don’t need, things bought on impulse. Emotions and purchases are linked inextricably, and I succumbed more than usual the past few months.

I don’t feel down about it, I don’t feel bad. I accept it, understand, and let go. Life isn’t about living to someone else’s standards. I’m sure the ‘Minimalism Police’ won’t be knocking on my door asking why I bought 4 boxes of incense and some candles. We grow and change, and so does minimalism. What is important is to give myself the space to realise and recognise when something doesn’t feel quite right to me, and to examine all the aspects. And so, it’s time to jettison what is no longer serving me, physically and mentally.

Keeping possessions, or collecting new ones, for me, is associated with a couple of things. Firstly, wanting to feel that spark of a treat, that initial buzz of purchase. And secondly of wanting to nest, to feel homely, to fill my place with things that are mine. Looking back at recent things in life, I can understand why I let my usually minimal view on purchases slide a little. Ok, more than a little.

Now I’m out the other side, feeling more positive, making a few decisions and feeling more as though I have a concrete base, a more solid version of myself. And so, spring is here, inside and out. I’m off to arm myself with a roll of binbags, a cup of hot blackcurrant, and thoroughly enjoy a little spring cleaning, and spring decluttering!

3 thoughts on “Clearing out – Spring Decluttering

  1. I decluttered pants and some jackets (live in S.E. two seasons hot and cooler) as we had a very mild warmer winter, so got rid of items I know I won’t wear next fall/winter to group home. I cleaned out the home office room, older electronic items thrown out, some donated. Did the kitchen last mo of unused cookware and utensils as newer and better stuff like ceramic lined pans cook better. Some sat for years unused. Got to cull out spices bought too many on sale sometime back, will give to local food bank, ditto for cleaning products, as all these items go bad after time.. Agree, that buying to save money (sales) can be overdone at times. Over doing is not really saving even if it’s a BOGO.

  2. Spring gives us a much-needed energy boost, especially as the clocks go forward. Making choices is the only way to overcome inertia, isn’t it? By not choosing to let go, we are merely procrastinating. So, good for you! Hope your decluttering is going well :-))

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