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It’s near midnight in this strange place. A new country, preceded by stress and illness, frustration and decisions. Set off on the wrong foot, I haven’t found my place here yet – mind still playing the same old tricks, unsettled, on edge.

3 days in and I’m beginning to calm a little. The tongue so different, the barriers break down a little more each day as my confidence builds. Sunshine helps, smiling helps, exploring helps. Shaky foundations for this trip start to feel more solid, substantial as my mind quiets bit by bit.

I sit and watch as birds flit between rooftops, as the sun rises and sets, as water flows and stone warms and cools. I become accustomed to the rhythm, to the heart of the city, and begin to give a little more of myself to this place.

Alone in a rented apartment, I take time and feel what I need to feel, think through the thoughts and experiences of the past few days. Distractions of the day ebb and settle, coming down, slowing down. A halfway point and adventures yet to come.

I stand, and climb the stairs to sleep.

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