The seat presses hard against my back, legs jammed up against the hard plastic of the chair in front of me. Wheels skim over rails beneath, a warm sound a comfort in my inadvertent cocoon of seating. I make myself small, away from commuters, retreating to a world of headphones and motion. I lean my head on the window and watch rain running in rivulets, tracking along the glass, small spheres reflecting the grey clouds hanging low outside.

The train motion rocks me, soothing, and I let thoughts come and go with the rhythm, gently ebbing and flowing.

I feel the energy of the earth slowing awakening deep below my feet, small shoots pushing through earth to greet the wan light. I feel the unease of society, a planet unsure of which direction to shift, a divide deepening and people, humans, trying desperately to bridge that gap. A scattering of fears and no coherent plan, a time of danger, of unrest, and yet, still, a tiny sprinkle of hope. I feel a settling of self, an acceptance, layers stilling around me.

I feel ideas and the options they spark, pinpricks of colour as they fizz into being. I direct my attention towards one, or two, and watch removed as they expand, glow and begin to grow. I add and mix and bring the separate points into one, lazily, a tiny curiosity piqued. Ideas join with others, and wait somewhere deep, on the knife edge of consciousness, tiny and shimmering, for the right time to burst forth.

I smile and the train runs on.


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