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It’s Not Such A Bad Day

Now and again, something in the blogosphere not only pops up and catches my attention… now and again, something just right on jumps out, waving in my face, shouting “I AM A BRILLIANT IDEA” from the rooftops. And it was just the case with Ksenia from The Life Degree’s new project, Not Such A Bad Day.

The underlying motive of Not Such A Bad Day is to raise money for worthy charities (this month it’s War Child) by donating £2, then pledging to do an action that will make your, or someone else’s day, not quite so bad after all. Modern life can leave us feeling down in the dumps, our once joyful souls slowly encroached from all sides by traffic jams, deadlines, money worries, personal problems, stress, illness and more. Our society gives us all something to look up to. Sadly that model leaves many of us feeling, well, lacking. In a society where success equals money, wealth and possessions, only the top few can swim. And instead of sinking, I’d like to turn my back on the whole traditional idea, and bring my attention inwards to live with more compassion for myself, so that I, in turn, can begin to radiate a little more joy.

Recently, the October festival of Samhain marked the traditional ‘end of the year’ of old ways, of the ever-turning wheel of the seasons. I decided, sat at home on Halloween morning, that this would be my new year. I’d leave behind all my negative thoughts, and kick myself into action. The last year left me deflated and it was time to change. And Not Such A Bad Day was just the kick I needed. I decided right then and there that of course I can do all the things I’d been telling myself for so long that I couldn’t. I’d found myself becoming harder, more cynical. And I didn’t like the way I was heading.

So, with a little smile and a spring in my step, I head out into my new year this month. I renewed vigour for my little blog, a re-awakened appreciation for plant-based food, a deep breath to fill my lungs with autumn air. I pledge to bring something joyous into my day, each day, for 100 days and hopefully beyond – and try to spread a little happiness as I do so!

I’ll be updating regularly over on Twitter #NotSuchABadDay and Instagram Stories with the actions I do each day!
If you haven’t already, head over to The Life Degree, Ksenia’s lovely blog, and follow on Twitter @thelifedegree and @notsuchabadday

You can donate to War Child right here.





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