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Return to minimalism – a journey


Return to minimalism – a journey.

Over the past few years, I’ve had quite the journey with becoming minimalist. From those tentative few days, opening my wardrobe and staring desperately at the collection of high heels balancing precariously on shelves higher than my head, to now, settling into a sort of soft, simpler life, as far removed as possible from the materialistic days of years past.

I’ve learned that clearing away your excesses is addictive, leaving air, space and smooth shiny surfaces. In those newly-discovered spaces, I learnt that underneath the illusion of handbags and pencil dresses was a person angry about the way society is going, a person who has hopes and dreams, beliefs and fears.  A raw discovery, almost a rebirth. From polished and put together, I re-found my wilder self. Mulberry bags eventually gave way to mulberry trees, a renewed passion for the natural world, a comfortable slotting back in to my place, my self.
In those clear voids, I learnt that the void was actually teaming with life, inspiration and ideas.

Becoming more minimal, more intentional has given my mind space to breathe. I found that it a shock to have that freedom to learn and dig deep. But from that original space, I slowly began to fill my soul with ideas that nourished me, rather than buried me. I bent and swayed in the fresh air these ideas brought along with them, sometimes seemingly leaving minimalism behind in a collection of purchases, a swirl of creativity, a storm of emotions.

But as I flit from idea to idea, possibility to possibility, the mindset of a minimalist is again knocking on the door to my consciousness. That brief flirtation with excess manifested itself quickly, but the storm blew away just as fast, bringing with it the return of a new season; one of calm, of reflection. Using purchases as a crutch is a weakness I fight, but now I accept it, analyse it, and extend a branch of friendship.

So now, as the natural world starts once more to slow and settle into the muted rainbow of autumn, I take stock of the past year. A whirlwind in more ways than one, I am happy now to accept, to look for possibility over frustration, to once more become inspired by the crisp, clear air and translate that into a new way of thinking.

Another turn of the wheel. I look back to those days when I first stepped tentatively into the world of minimalism, of the idea that less really is more. Using the tools I’ve gathered, I look forward to stepping forward once more. This time more confidently, more truthfully, and always creating space for more inspiration, in whatever form that takes.


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2 thoughts on “Return to minimalism – a journey

  1. Being open to the possibilities is wonderful, isn’t it? I remember when I first started taking those tentative steps toward minimalism too – when I realized that I looked at possessions as a crutch, kind of like a security blanket, as something I could eventually sell, or use if I were to lose my job and were facing losing my home. (It’s a phobia of mine.) It definitely does free up more than your space – it frees your mind at the same time.

    I think if I would have stayed in my old patterns of consumption, of thinking I had to live like everyone else to be happy, I would be so sad today. I wouldn’t have grown. I wouldn’t have learned more about myself. I wouldn’t be willing to take chances. I’d still be stifled, and still stuck in place, but like in quicksand. I know you know what that means or what it feels like.

    Beautiful post, Sal. Thank you.

  2. It’s great to, like you say, “take stock”, and reading about your process is a very constructive reminder that minimalism (and indeed any form of change) is a journey which requires time and continuous consideration – including moments where you progress more / less. It’s great to know that the nourishment moving forward gives is so worthwhile – I definitely feel the same. Will have to check back to some of your other posts to find out more about the tools that can help me along on my own way!

    Ksenia x

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