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A thousand years


I sometimes feel a thousand years displaced, an ache for a time, an unimaginable silence. Countless trees blanket hills, a fresh chill shimmering in the air and a life governed by respect and awe for the land from which we came.

A thousand years of lost synergy, a pulse of forgotten heartbeats but a spirit that lives on, ties me back, invisible but strong through time. I wonder if I lived before, a soul jumping ether, dimensions of difference, dimensions of similarity. A pull to a place, a pull to a home, a familiarity with no explanation.

A touch of cold stone, fingers running in damp moss, a suggestion on a breeze, a knowledge in my heart. A sudden snap fit into a space that’s been waiting for me to return for countless moments, stretched like mist into the past.

I feel the souls of thousands. I hear the silent beat and pulse of lives lived simply, yet deeper than our own. Layers of my soul appear, rarely felt, and those layers cry out for stillness, for connection.

And I wander with bare feet and cry back into the mist, and listen with all that I am for an answer.

2 thoughts on “A thousand years

  1. That is how I felt the day I found a place to just “sit and be still.” I sat and watched a road runner down in the wash far below me. And I listened to the birds and realized that they were calling back and forth to each other. Then I saw a jackrabbit run and dart from one shady spot to another. I felt really connected that day. And it’s interesting because the day before I had pictured myself at that very spot even.

    I do think our souls live on and on, from time to time. I think you are on to something. And I wish more of us held the world and earth in awe like you do.

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