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Things I love


Things I Love 

I love the silence as snow falls thickly to the ground. I love that quick moment, between sleep and wakefulness, that one second when all you know is comfort and safety, duvets and dreams. I love the feeling of fitness, being a human, power in muscles, joy in movement.

I love a deep, thumping bassline, loud as you like, eardrums vibrating, a pulse beating into my soul. I love that the sun rises and sets each day, every day different, every day spectacular. I love driving fast, reactions, pedals, rubber, a seamless blend, machine and man and magic.

I love the relentless beat of the sun in high summer, rays warming my soul, melting me to the ground. I love that first smell of spring on the breeze, that whisper of change, waiting, teasing. I love the taste of water from my hometown. I love the bittersweet hiraeth of fleeting visits, moments stolen from grown up life. I love gales of wind slicing through the air, grabbing my hair, tumbling and tousling and turning me wild once more. I love to be barefoot.

I love biting into a sweet, crisp apple and feeling that first crunch between my teeth. I love a blanket, a fire, a cat, a person. I love that there are things that we don’t know, that we can’t know. I love to feel, deeply, passionately, terrifyingly. I love to swim in freezing seas. I love to lose myself in words, pouring from my heart, channelling through fingers, clumsily trying to keep up with the torrent.

I love the magic of love itself, a feeling indescribable, something more than both of us. I love the moment when I feel a piece of music, when I can play well enough to begin to lose myself in melody, in harmony. I love mountains. I love heavy, fat rainstorms. I love crunchy vegetables.

I love to breathe in deeply. I love having this chance to experience just a fleeting moment on this earth. I love to love. I love layer and intrigue, learning, laughing. I love life.

5 thoughts on “Things I love

  1. Lol! Everything but swimming in freezing water!

    Laying on the grass under the trees, gentle breeze making the leaves flutter and dance, sunlight shining through the dancing leaves creating a kaleidescope of warm light and cool shadows on my skin. Bird song, the whisper of the breeze and the gentle rustling of the leaves, nature’s lullaby.

  2. Couldn’t express it better. Thank you for making my wonderful day even brighter with your words.

  3. Another lovely and inspiring post – gratitude is such a satisfying thing to feel (and read!).
    And I so enjoyed the video you made, too, beautiful!

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