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So we get comfortable with simplicity. We read and listen and learn that minimalism isn’t about giving up everything, about giving away joy. We just keep what is necessary for our happiness, for our lives, and let the rest go out into the world.

But sometimes it’s easy to fall down, it’s easy to deem things as necessary, to trick our minds. It’s that consumer habit, lurking, sneaking, dormant.

So I say I’m a minimalist, and keep control of my stuff, but one day I look up and open my eyes and somehow, under the guise of the essential, the allowed; the non-essential has crept back in. Minds crave satisfaction, of a purchase, of a treat, of being in control. We think we are, but it’s worth an audit, every now and again, the keep that necessary as it should be, and keep the unnecessary just that.

We stop the slow creep. We stay alert, clear-minded, forward-focused.

Our passions change, our focus switches. To live a simplistic life is both easy as pie and hard as hell. One big push doesn’t sustain the long term. We must re-evaluate priorities, letting go of what’s no longer useful, as our selves and our lives grow and grow.

So take a look around. Do your items still meet your priorities, right now? If not, let them go, back into that world, back on their journey, and you continue on yours.


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