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Lemon Tea and Many Thoughts


Lemon Tea and Many Thoughts 

I start with the intention of tea. My body craves acidity, craves pureness, tang, taste. Outside, a crisp blue sky is waiting, a welcome change from the endless days of rain, fog and cloud that have been the past few months in the UK.

I eschew the teabag, leaving the normal routine somewhere behind, wanting something new from this day although yet I don’t know why.
I slice lemon instead, into 6 neat pieces, savouring the feel of the cold knife sharply passing through pith and skin, the aroma, the brightness of that little yellow.

Hot water, white cup. I silently listen to my body, too full of processed carbohydrates, too full of too much.
I grab small tomatoes, a breakfast away from the norm of cereal or porridge or processed grain.

A day off from my regular job, I climb back under the 3 duvets on our bed, away from the chill. I listen to The Minimalists podcast and let my mind wander.

I consider my journey this year, I consider the events of last year. I make a list of things I no longer need and resolve to give them away. I contemplate fitness and equipment and determine I need no equipment and resolve to give that away too. I contemplate my diet and feel embarrassed by the lack of commitment to becoming more mindful of the food I eat and to switching to a plant based diet. I resolve to re-educate myself, to clean up my act, to clean up my health.

I conjure up that ever-present picture of the future me that I’m aiming towards. I sip my lemon tea and watch her wander around in my mind’s eye and wonder how my current path is leading towards her. I decide that on the whole, it is heading away. I go inside myself and take a moment to clear my mind and reset my mindset and breathe. From the future, she turns and winks at me.

It’s easy to get distracted by the day to day, and to lose focus of where we’re heading. To spend a couple of hours thinking, nourishing, taking stock of the actions we are performing and the things we are consuming, whether that be food, media, ideas. To take a little time to reset, to rid ourselves of items that are no longer useful to us.

How do you reset and evaluate your current lifestyle?

Link to The Minimalists podcast on Soundcloud 🙂


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