I am the city


The city hums to itself, a deep background throb, heartbeat. The city is an entity, a being, composed of thousands of stories, lives, truths.

Wide eyed I watch a hundred moments play out below my window, like flashes of time, glimpses of something bigger than us all. The chatter, the constant noise that never ends, just morphs and changes from pitch to pitch, from night to day.

I see glass and concrete reflect in my eyes, crowds and lights, adverts and traffic. I feel energy, I feel an outsider, I feel overwhelmed but still a part, a part of this story.

A soul of fields and silence, a soul of green and moors, I try and separate my mind from the lure, that ever-beating heart. But I can’t, for now, for this moment, I am the city and the city is me, and we dance and whirl ever onwards into the night.

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