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Starting #project333: new beginnings

Making a decision: starting #project333

So, it’s 10 days into 2016 and I’ve decided to go for it with #project333. I’ve been contemplating this as something to try for a while, but a year of putting lots of weight on and not buying things has kinda left my closet in an uncoordinated mess, spread between vac bags and drawers, loosely categorised into ‘used to fit’, ‘will get into soon’, ‘cover me up’ and ‘big fluffy jumpers’.

I think Project 333 will be just what I need!

Over the last few years my style, if I can call it that, has swung from extreme to extreme, and I’ve ended up with random pieces from times gone by that don’t really match with anything else. From being a teenager until about age 21-22, I was the kind of girl who lived in huge, baggy skate trousers, with mtb t-shirts, bike chain bracelets, spike necklaces, a pair of vans, and skate belts in various shades of hot pink or decorated in flames.

Fast forward a couple of years and I was loving management chic. I had lost quite a bit of weight and revelled in figure hugging pencil dresses, the highest of stilettos, a trench, aviators, tight jeans and tops that showed off my arms and shoulders, finally defined from an increasingly regular weight-lifting schedule.
But I left the job and as I lost confidence and put on weight, my style drifted into the ‘please cover me up and don’t look at me’ territory. All the beautiful dresses, designer skirts and related pieces were vac bagged, donated or sold. I lived in hoodies and big tees. I still have a love for streetwear, mtb brands, and big jeans, but I’m 32 and don’t want to dress like the 20-year-old me…so I’ll need to check out the amazing 30-something extreme sport girls and their style. They always look amazing. I also want the feeling back of that confidence of looking great in a bodycon dress.

So, I’m choosing my Project 333 clothes carefully, with the option to switch up when I start to get back into shape, something I’m looking forward too now I’m feeling 50 x better. I want to take this opportunity to discover and define a new style, one that I love and am comfortable in.
I’m very grateful to Courtney Carver for starting the Project 333 movement, and for her blog, Be More With Less, which is an amazing read.

I’ll update with my #project333 choices very soon!
Let me know if you’ve ever taken part and how you found it – what did you learn, what did you enjoy most, and were there any challenges?


2 thoughts on “Starting #project333: new beginnings

  1. I have not done it myself but I can definitely see the allure of it. Have you also read Marie Kondo’s book on the art of tidying up? I know some people who have, and they have said it has really helped. I myself do need to use certain clothes for work (not fancy ones, but because I work with animals, they get pooped and peed on and have bleach splashed on them), but if I get to the point where I don’t have my current job, I could see how Project 333 would work.

    What will you do with the stuff you get rid of? Donate?

    1. I’ve not read it but have heard good things about it! I’ll have to see if I can get hold of a copy 🙂
      I’m going to donate most of the stuff I get rid of, at the momet I’ve got some vac-bagged (mostly summer stuff) and just a couple more winter things. But as I was choosing my things for project333 there were definitely some items that could go! So, a task for another day will be to sort it out properly! 🙂

      I’ve given myself a ‘work’ outfit or 2, I work in a charity warehouse and it’s really filthy, hard manual labour a lot of the time – so have kept my scrubby trainers and a couple of old hoodies separate. I reckon it’s the same as having to wear a uniform for work? So I’m just over 33 items I think with the work stuff, but I’m fine with that 🙂

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