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I awake excited, impatient, not knowing a reason. A thin breeze trickles in through the window, left ajar through the night. It carries with it the crork of crows, the titter of sparrows, the scent of a January unseasonably warm. I lie and inhale and then I know my feeling. Outdoors is calling me and I must go.

I throw open windows around the house, the stonework releasing winter into the air, welcoming the freshness into its walls. I see buds on trees, too early, too early, but nature is waking and I along with it.

I leave my hair wild, red and curls and fire twisting in eddies, invisible current, wrapping a message around trees, around animals, whispering across the fields. I feel pupils contract as I turn my face to the sky, that watery blue, distant clouds reminding us that winter still waits on the horizon, a strong battle with this new season of man’s making.

Seeds scatter, each bouncing off stone, settling in its own way, package of energy and nourishment for the birds who wait in the wings. Twigs are gathered, fuel for the fire, the cycle complete, becoming part of the gathering light.

It’s early, this feeling. The world questions, life bursting forth weeks before time, something shifting too fast, warmth spreading a new kind of heat. It is real, it is happening. Outdoors is calling and I must listen to the message on the breeze.

3 thoughts on “Call

  1. The outdoors are not calling where I am… late 20’s (celsius) and between 90-100% humidity. It’s sitting under the air conditioner weather! Except yesterday at 4am when I got up to look at the planets aligned. That was amazing! A big halo round the moon, then Jupiter (so bright!), Mars (very red) and Venus lined up across the sky. Mercury was there too, but too close to the horizon for me to see. I much prefer your outside kind of weather 🙂

    1. Wow I can’t imagine that heat or humidity Clare! 🙂 not managed to spot the planets yet either, that sounds amazing, apparently they’re visible for a while yet so hope one day the clouds will clear and I’ll be able to see them!

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