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An alternative to resolutions

alternative to resolutions

You may remember I kinda celebrated New Year back in October… however, with 2016 well and truly here, I figured I’d revisit the goals I set a couple of months ago and update them a little. With all of the lists of ‘this year I’m going to…’ popping up around the web, I wanted to make a kind of alternative to resolutions.

2015 was a tumultuous year. I started the year depressed and with overly optimistic resolutions of losing 4 stone, giving up screen time, not buying anything, and obstinately finding the ultimate happiness by the end of the year. Needless to say, it didn’t happen, but I couldn’t be happier with how the year turned out.
I went to counseling and made it through those months, learning a lot about myself and putting some strong strategies in place for the future. Weirdly, I really enjoyed the counselling process. As a former Psychology student, I found the whole thing fascinating. I struggled a little with the decision to talk about it here. But this blog is me, all of me, and I’m feeling happy to share.
I also encountered a few other health problems, but after a big Vitamin D boost and some ongoing thyroid tests, I feel like a different person.
I gave up on trying to lose 4 stone, and instead gave up on the pressure of feeling I had to look a certain way to be happy. And losing that pressure metaphorically lifted a ton of weight off my shoulders. How to lose a ton in one easy step? The answer’s right here.

Traditional New Year’s resolutions tend to focus on a rather negative viewpoint, I feel. So much ‘I will lose weight’ and ‘no more Prosecco’. Our lists are littered with ‘go to the gym’ and ‘stop arguing with my partner’, followed by ‘stop spending so much time on the computer’ and ‘get a new job’. Denial, must not, I should. I suggest flipping resolutions on their head. Out with the shoulda, woulda, couldas. In with the fun stuff.

Instead of denial, invite more into your life. Resolve to have more fun. Resolve to experience new places and meet new people. Set a goal a make healthier choices,, not deny yourself foods. Resolve to become friends with your body. Move when it feels good. Move outdoors. Get muddy and rained on and freezing. And if you get back home and feel like spending 3 hours watching YouTube, then why the hell not.
Invite curiosity into your life. Take a leap. Resolve to share and spread around joy. Resolve to inspire others. Aim to mentor, to help, to nurture. Jump into an adventure. Expand your world.

Making resolutions dependent on image, on what others expect of you, of what society says you should be doing misses the point. We could even do away with the resolutions entirely and just continue on this big adventure, seeing what the next year brings and taking every opportunity that it throws our way.

As for me, my goals continue to evolve with every new experience. I aim to look after myself and the planet. I aim to pursue my loves in writing, reading, music, and making videos, and pushing myself to become better at all of them. I aim to look for the good in each day. I aim to live, not exist.


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  1. Well put & I do same – planning ‘more’ and ‘better’ is more jolly! Here’s to longer walks, creative meals & more reading!

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