The Twilight Zone


The Twilight Zone.

This year has been a weird one. A bit of a twilight zone, of almost a direction, sometimes just almost some things, sometimes just faint hints of others.  Attempting to buy nothing, becoming flat broke anyway, and dealing with some lingering remnants from previous stressful times left me drained but triumphant, coming out the other side and feeling that I’d paved a new way, some solid foundations upon which I could start to move forward into 2016. So it’s been pretty frustrating to be blindsided by some health issues just before the end of the year.

I’ve never been ill in my life, save for a couple of colds, a sprained ankle, and one singular bout of food poisoning a few months ago, so not feeling 100% is a new experience for me, and one I’m really impatient to put behind me as soon as possible.

I’ve been absolutely wiped out with fatigue the past few months, eating everything in sight and not even being able to do housework, any form of exercise, or even get through the day without taking a few naps. My blood sugar has been everywhere but where it should be, my thinking’s been woolly, and any momentum I’d built up has evaporated into thin air. I’m run down, lethargic, and so, so tired, all the time. Even when I wake in the morning, it’s a struggle to find the energy to get out of bed.

The last straw was that my hair, usually thick, curly, and a defining part of me, began to fall out in copious amounts. So, with all the plans waiting impatiently in my head, I did what I never usually do…I actually visited the doctor, who sent me for blood tests for an array of things I’d never heard of.

And yes, there is something wrong, and I find out what it is on Tuesday. At least it’s not in my mind, and hopefully I can do something about it and get back to feeling normal again.

The thing I miss most is exercise. Having no energy means I’ve piled on the pounds and ballooned 2 more dress sizes in as many months. I want to be out there again, running in the rain, lifting heavy weights and feeling those endorphins rushing around my body. But when I can’t even get off the sofa, it seems like a long way away at the moment.

So, I haven’t written anything for a little while, I’m sorry. Once the plan comes together to sort this thing out, whatever it is, then I’ll be inspired once more…I’ll be back updating soon, but probably slightly less regularly for the next few weeks. Normal service to return asap! 🙂

17 thoughts on “The Twilight Zone

  1. How strange! I was only thinking that I had not seen many of your beautifully written posts recently. Hope the medical results are nothing dramatic and that you soon feel good as new again. I had a similar hair problem a few years ago in small patches but it went away over time and grew back. I am sure all will be well and all your readers will be wishing you well for sure. Bless you.

  2. I’m so sorry to hear about your health concerns. I hope you get better soon. Sending positive thoughts your way. Miss reading your posts!

  3. Please take care of yourself. You are important, and I sincerely hope that there is nothing wrong that can’t easily be corrected..

    1. Thanks Lauren, apparently I’m just on the right side of ‘normal’ (only just though) for thyroid so I’ve got to go back in a few months and check it again! Explains a bit!

  4. Fingers crossed your results (thyroid?) have shown up as something that can be corrected fairly easily – take care, take it easy and hope to see you back here when you’re feeling better xx

  5. One step at a time back to health. When facing a breakdown in my health last year, I was so frustrated and just wanted to feel better. I really had to be patient with myself. You’ll come out the other end a stronger person – it just feels really crappy in the meantime. Hang in there!

  6. Hope you get everything sorted and feeling better soon. Your blog has been such an inspiration for me over the past 12 months. A big thank-you to you for helping me change my ways and becoming more aware of me and my surroundings.

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