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Yes, and…

Yes, and

I’m here to encourage BIG dreams. Not the sort of dreams where we might one day win the lottery, or walk around the corner and bump into the person of our dreams. I mean actual, achievable, huge, exciting dreams, dreams that we can create, dreams that we can live, dreams that fly past ‘what if’ and leave it standing there, bewildered by what just raced by.

I dream my big dreams with my eyes closed, conjuring up dreams and scenes, actions and feelings. I make them real on a huge sheet of paper and the fattest Sharpie I own, hurriedly scribbled, lines, arrows, bubbles, connecting, trying to get it all down before the wave of inspiration I’m surfing finally crashes onto the shore.

At this stage nothing is impossible. Synapses buzzing, all senses pointed to YES.

Afterwards, I’m worn out, spent, energy depleted as the page is filled up with possibility. To imagine the opportunities open to us in this world is massive. To see with another’s eyes, to imagine the roads and pathways that could lead us there, to this magical place we have conjured up. But isn’t this the best feeling? To be fatigued, but not from a daily grind? To be wiped out, but from imagination? From excitement? From truth?

It’s tempting to look, a few days later, at that sheet filled up with hopes and dreams, and to start to self-edit. It’s easy to think of all the reasons why not. Why that idea is stupid. Why we can’t possibly start that project. It’s simple to listen to someone else’s reasoning, to a sentence that brings you down from that high place of possibility.

So I challenge you. Brainstorm. Brainstorm with colourful pens and huge swathes of paper. brainstorm with no limits and joy in your heart. And look, look at your ideas, look with positive eyes. You thought of these for a reason. Everything is possible. Every single point written, drawn, scrawled on that paper, think YES, AND…

Yes, and, and, and…. and suddenly the world is infinite.

There is no place for the ‘…no, but’ in our world.

Where can yes take us? Where can yes take YOU?



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  1. I just been thinking about my beliefs and limiting thoughts and want to do something like this. Thanks for the inspiration and motivation.

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