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#BuyNothing2015 – falling off the wagon

#BuyNothing2015 – falling off the wagon. 

So, this last month has been a total, epic write off. I bought things, I bought many things, I bought things I didn’t even need. What happened? I’ve no idea, but here I am on the other side of my spending splurge, a little shaken, a little confused, but with 8 weeks left and a renewed determination to make the most of them.

So, in the interests of confession, I bought:

New Stuff
-2 candles
-2 cushions
Charity Shop Stuff
-4 jumpers
-1 scarf
-1 skirt
-4 cheap corkboards
-1 pair of walking boots
-2 second hand board games

Oh my goodness.

So, I can kind of explain away the jumpers as I had no jumpers. Also I’ve put on quite a bit of weight and had no skirts that fit, and the soles had fallen off my other walking boots so I spent £2.99 on an absolute bargain of a used pair, with soles.
The corkboards me and my husband painted and are currently up in the office, filled with plans and post-its. The scarf was lovely. The board games were 2 for 99p.

Candles and cushions? I can’t even try and reason. The cushions had old map print on and the candles smelled good…. er…..

So, I could look at this year and say oh my goodness, I failed. I’m a massive failure. Oh woe is me, and all that jazz. But, instead, I chose to look at what I’d achieved this year instead. Close to 10 months of buying nothing apart from a car (ok, ok), 2 second hand chairs, and a dress for my brother’s wedding. That’s no bad going.

I feel a little ashamed, of course. I can’t even think of one thing that set me off on the spending splurge. No cravings, just a mechanical reaction to nice cushions…. But now I’m over it, I feel like I’ve got it out of my system somehow, and I’ve cleared out rather a few items in place of the new/second hand stuff. And I’m looking forward, not wallowing in guilt as I so easily could do.

This year has turned into much more of a journey and experiment than I imagined back in January. I am a different person right now, and I think a much more positive one. Things caught up with me, but I’m still heading forward, dreaming big, and I’m so glad that removing consumerism for a large part of the year has helped me have the space to focus on healing, building, and laying the ground work for the next few years of One Empty Shelf.

So, instead of feeling bad about buying some things, I’m accepting it as part of the journey. I’ll look at why and what, and learn and embrace it. Next year I’m excited about the ideas I have floating around, such as finally jumping in to #project333, only buying from charity shops, travelling a lot more in our little campervan, and expanding One Empty Shelf…

As #buynothing2015 is drawing to a close, I’m thinking about my major learnings from the year and I’d love to hear yours, if you’ve joined in for a month, a week, or even for the whole adventure…

5 thoughts on “#BuyNothing2015 – falling off the wagon

  1. I think the thing I get out of this post is that *sometimes* a purchase does make things better! 2.99 boots to replace the ones with the broken sole? Yeah, you didn’t want to spend, but you needed boots! They will be well used and you will value them all the more because they were one of only a few purchases. The cushions spoke to you for some reason – you will smile every time you look at them. With a map pattern? What message are the cushions trying to tell you? 😉 And jumpers – it’s cold where you live, you need jumpers so they really will make things better! (I’m one of those people who get’s irrationally angry when I get cold…) I recently bought 3 pairs of very nice shoes! 3 pairs! I never buy shoes! And that is why I had to buy 3 pairs. Because I actually had no summer shoes and my feet were hot. So I decided not to feel guilty about the purchase, but to feel grateful for the fact that i could afford to buy shoes that I really needed, unlike so many other people in the world. I know this comment is a bit ramble as it’s late where I live and I’ve been working all day, but I hope my point comes across. Spending on superfluous things is not ideal, but when you need something, you need something. How will you go for wonderful walks in nature (and take beautiful photos for me to enjoy on the other side of the world!) without a good pair of boots 😉 xx

  2. You’re right about valuing what you achieved over several impulse purchases. And even though you did but, it looks like you didn’t splurge on overpriced stuff, keeping to small items and thrift stores. Even those on strict diets sneak a piece of candy now and then. Don’t beat yourself up

  3. I’d say you are human. And that’s why it happened. So glad to hear you are not going to beat yourself up over it too. Most people couldn’t even dream of being able to do what you’ve done for ten months. Like you said, just learn from it and keep on moving on.

    Although I didn’t have a shopping ban, I feel a renewed sense of purpose as well.I moved cross country with just my car and a few boxes mailed of stuff, and then had to buy a lot of things to replace what I had gotten rid of back east. I now have this sense that I don’t need to even replace all of it, and am just buying what I absolutely need. I think of what it might be like to live in a smaller space than my fifth wheel (travel trailer) and if it won’t fit in that imagined smaller space, it doesn’t come into this one I currently have.

    Can’t wait to see what’s in store for the blog.

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