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To notice

to notice

To notice a new season, a chill in the air, a million hues of brown and yellow, the familiar smell of autumn.

To notice a sound, a bird call, a breeze twisting branches, the bounce of rain off a roof.

To notice a look, a movement, a subtlety, a whisper of skin against yours.

To notice a shift in mood, a perception of something greater, of time, ageless yet ticking.

To have the freedom to notice these things. To me that is minimalism.


3 thoughts on “To notice

  1. Beautiful words and photo, thank you very much. I’ve definitely noticed that I “notice” a lot more when I have less stuff. It’s sad to think of so many just whiling their days away at work and then their evenings in front of a TV. There is so much more out there to life. So glad I came across your blog!

    1. You’re right Terri, there is so much more out there! When I got rid of loads of ‘stuff’, I never imagined the vastness of the world it opened up for me. I’m still discovering new things and I’d never have even thought about the depth I’d learn to know myself if I’d carried on working 18 hour days and falling asleep in front of the Kardashians…. 😉

      Less stuff = more adventure!

      🙂 Sal

  2. I love that minimalism creates the space for more mindfulness and visa versa. The last sentence could easily be replaced with “To me that is mindfulness”.

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