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The pleasure of hindsight

The pleasure of hindsight 

Ah, for the love of clarity. That final, longed-for moment when everything suddenly clicks into place, the hindsight when we realise that we have struggled through experience, fought and cried and clawed our way through it, all for this moment, all for this one, crisp, singular pinpoint, shining, sparkling, blue light, understanding.

We learn from experiences. Even those from years ago, even those lived every day since our childhood. We grow and we internalise and spend our lives believing what our brain tells us is true.

Sometimes though, it’s not true.

Our brains are mistaken, affected by a word, a look, an experience beyond our memories. And in that moment our outlook is written for us, backed up by the following years, everything geared towards showing us our beliefs are correct.

We can break the pattern. Even if we don’t even realise it’s there.

We can look back on experiences in a different light and take new learning from them. The tough times teach us, shape us. We see how others behave and resolve never to do the same. We grind to a halt and suddenly the floodgates open. We remember things and these things make us a better person. We determine to live life in a new way, blinkers removed, on a new path.

At the time, we cannot see it. But sometimes this is for the best. We have to learn and make our own way, for it’s this struggle that makes us who we are. We can spend years living a false belief, only for a sudden jolt to throw our minds back to a specific moment, a distinct learning. And this moment makes everything clearer.

It may or may not be that these things happen for a reason. But every experience makes us a whole, and by ourselves or with help, we can learn to look to the past as a friend, as a teacher, a sage of our lives.

Take this learning, fill up your arms with bundles of your self. Carry it, use it, then let it free, carried far away on the breeze, and spread the goodness around the world.




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