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It’s around this time of year that I frequently find myself in a coffee shop, in an oversized hoodie that hangs down to my knees, strong, black coffee curling steam into the air. I often find a spot beneath heaters and breathe in bread and beans, conversation and laughter, food and flour.

October reaches out and curls its grasp around the trees, around stone walls and once-green fields, pulling winter ever closer. The air blows the scent of newly-fallen leaves, the wind brings the chill of future months. We wrap up in ever-bigger jumpers and begin to turn our attention inwards as outdoors, the world starts to fall and then sleep.

I love the turn of summer to autumn. The glimpse of a world just holding its breath, waiting for permission to release the gathered energy of the summer, to finally relax and begin to wind down, to rest and wait. The trees stand still as the leaves of another year float, whirl around, and begin to break down in the cycle of nature once more. The fruits of this year are dropped, weighed, counted. And this is why I like to do the same.

New Year, for me, is not a time for resolutions or reflections. I prefer the gentleness of autumn rather than the harsh crispness of a January morning. The warmth of summer and the memory of longer days is still fresh in my mind, possibility is very much real. I find autumn a time to take stock of the past year and to hope, dream and plan through winter, through the darker days, to the promise of that faint yellow light of spring and summer, luring me tantalisingly through the shorter, colder days, the days filled with glass and ice and inky black nights.

Autumn is a time of plenty, and it is in this mindset that I gather inspiration for my boldest dreams. In the cocoon of the soft change of the seasons, possibility stretches far in front, as we reap the rewards of what we have sown the previous year.


9 thoughts on “Cocoon

  1. What a beautiful post–from the details woven together in such a flowing writing style, to the message itself. Such a pleasure to read this morning as I wait for my own coffee (brewing in my cozy kitchen). Thank you.

  2. I don’t think I will look at autumn the same way after reading your post. I like the idea of thinking of your goals and dreams during this time rather than during those dark January days. Reading your description of being in the coffee shop, I felt like I was right there with you. And you’ve now inspired me to start going to my local coffee shop and sit there and write, which many people have been urging me to do (write a book.) So, thank you very much for that and for your wonderful posts.

    1. Thanks Terri 🙂
      A book, how brilliant! Do you have any plans for it?
      I find coffee shops better to write in, something about the buzz of the background noise, the warmth, and of course the lovely smell! I think lots of great ideas are discussed by people in coffee shops. I like to pick up on that atmosphere…

  3. Im from Down Under. I do the same thing I set my goals and reflect on the past year as things are waking up and new beginnings are starting to happen with the spring upon us. I find it works better this time year.

    1. I agree Sharon, it sits better with me to reflect and set new goals around a time of change, rather than a time of stasis as in midwinter. I love the change of the seasons. As nature blossoms, so can our plans.


  4. I’m definitely an Autumn change person. I’ve always put it down to being around my birthday (southern hemisphere March = Autumn) but it is also my favourite season. Autumn just feels contemplative!

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