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It’s all too easy to get distracted in this whirlwind of a world. Focusing on too many things at once and feeling ourselves slipping from each and every one of them. Sometimes, the simple world just gets lost, left behind, forgotten for a while.

But it’s still there, waiting for us to return, when our unfocused brain cries out to slow down, when we reach a limit and know it’s time to shut off that all-illuminating floodlight and focus our light on a single beam.

Minimalism and simplicity is the ever-running stream, calming, focusing. When our minds have had enough, we can always turn back to minimalism. Back to simplicity.

Recently, I’ve been distracted. I’ve lost my focus the past few months, having spent them in a whirl of learning new things, discovering new things about myself, getting excited, getting scared, and ultimately riding this new wave away from my simple, uncomplicated life. But now the tumultuous months have started to ebb and settle down, and with the shift in season comes a shift in focus. I’ve neglected my minimal mindset for a diet full of processed, high fat foods, for a work life where I try to fit everything in all at once, for a journey of self-discovery that has bubbled years worth of emotions to the surface, all at once.

I’ve placed importance on things that aren’t important. The past few weeks, I’ve tried to re-implement simplicity, all at once, and finding out, ironically, that it just ain’t that simple.

So, what do we do when the impatience of trying to get your former life back pulls our minds in a thousand directions? What to do when we’re trying to juggle and make progress in all areas, and by doing so, end up making progress in none?

We let go of expectation. We listen to our hearts and quieten our chattering mind. That part of the brain that longs for simplicity needs a louder voice. Of all the areas, choose one. The beauty of minimalism is that we can apply it to any area of life. It’s not just about jettisoning possessions, of course it isn’t. The benefits of simplifying are far reaching and always bigger than a pile of stuff can be.
So I choose to simplify my diet. Being on the go and processing a thousand thoughts led me to crave high sugar, high fat convenience foods. My energy levels dropped, my fitness levels dropped, my waistline increased at a rapid rate. And because of this, my confidence hit a low, my productivity lowered, my inspiration disappeared.

I choose the thing that affects me the most, and the rest can wait. One thing at a time, just like I know is right. Eating more consciously, eating to fuel myself.

And the rest will follow. It will always follow.


4 thoughts on “Back to Simplicity

  1. Don’t ever stop writing, your writing is powerful — and touches many lives in a Positive. Thank you for your time in sharing with us. Reading your work is the number one email I always click open first, and slowly read every word you write. Your writing has been a huge positive on my everyday lifestyle and thought process. THANK YOU!

  2. Agreed! My diet always suffers when life gets out of control – amazing how it shapes your mood and feelings. It sounds like you’re getting back on track though so well done!! Look forward to hearing about what happens next. M

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