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Weekend mornings

weekend mornings

I love to sit in the quiet of weekend mornings, before the world gets up and about. The sounds around are animal, natural, undisturbed by car engines, by chatter, by power tools and human shouts. The noises that drift down the valley comfort, draw me back to a time before I know, the low moo of a cow, the crow of a cockerel, muted by the sleepy morning air.

The world smells different too at this time. The freshness of night still lingers, the crispness of the dark still drifting, mixing with the new sunlight, pale and not yet strong. A changeover where night and day brush past each other, greeting like old friends, embracing.

In this time I like to sip milky tea and wrap my hands around the cup. I pad barefoot around the garden, just watching, breathing. My cat follows me about, sitting where I sit, closing his eyes to the bright morning sunlight. The first bees land on morning flowers, fresh nectar and dewdrops.

Today is pale, watery and light. The storms of yesterday have faded away to some other land, leaving that washed out recovery, the hint of a hot day to come. Deep in the valley below the mist of morning still lingers, light as if from within by the increasing light, shining peach and gold. Above the sunlight gathers strength and I feel the heat start to warm me. I sit and raise my face to the sky with closed eyes and feel the rays brush my skin.

I do my thinking in the clear air. I watch steam rise from my mug and sort through the clamour of dreams, the emotion of the day just passed, and start to plan what I want to achieve today. I look forward to the end of the day when I’ll sit in the same spots and watch the same plants in a different light and a different mindset.

With the earth cool under my feet, I stand up and thank the earth, in my head. Such beauty so near my home cannot be taken for granted. With this done, I move to start my day, always taking a little of that serenity along with me.

When is your favourite part of the day? Do you have a morning ritual and how does it help?

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  1. I do love mornings (but I don’t see early mornings often 😉 ) but I love sitting in my lounge in the dark looking out the window at the view we have of part of the city with all the lights twinkling and planes taking off and landing in the distance.

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