Guest Room

I love to change up my furniture arrangements pretty regularly. Fitted wardrobes just aren’t my bag! As with life, if things stay the same for too long I start to get a little unsettled. As I’m constantly moving and evolving, so is my home.

I had a little experiment with our guest room. We’ve only a few items in there as it’s a pretty small room, but I moved the bed the other way around and switched up the drawers. I made this little display on top. guest room

A few pictures, a bowl of crystals (if you’ve seen my Minimalism Tag video, you’ll know they’re my weakness!) and a pink desk lamp.

I burned the design onto the top of the drawers. It’s a Ptolomeic geocentric map of the heavens, with the Earth at the centre. Highly inaccurate, but I love the imagery and ‘le feu’ surrounding the Earth! There’s also a couple of dragons on there too, inspired by the beautiful imagery in this Tarot deck. I like to make furniture my own.

guest roomThere’s also a nice pile of pristine white Oh Comely magazines for any visitor to spend a good few hours getting lost in. Along with Ernest Journal, Lionheart Magazine and Permaculture,  Oh Comely is my favourite read.

Mavis has also got a new home in the guest room, covered with some old comfy blankets and situated in the warmest shaft of sunlight form the late afternoon onwards. Settling into Mavis, with the sun setting over the valley beyond the window, feet up on the bed and the cat purring away… You can’t beat it.

The whole room is white, which makes the light reflected from the IKEA chandelier even more striking as it hits the walls, rainbows glinting on the blank surface. In the background, a mobile that I made from twigs and old stone rings gently turns in invisible currents of air. guest room

I think a guest room should be a welcoming, calming place but still with a touch of personality. I love to relax and meditate there, or spend hours engrossed in a book with a cup of tea steaming gently by my side.

I think it’s my favourite room in the house. It might be small but it’s calming and relaxing, a clear space to think and dream and mull over of hints of ideas. A place to grow and connect through meditation. A place imbued with the memories of visitors, friends and family, each leaving a hint of a presence behind.

What is your favourite room in your house? What makes it special to you?





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