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First Day

first day

The first warm day of spring, the day after the equinox. From a chilly start, the sun rose higher, pale yellow light strengthening, the birds celebrating in song.

For the first time I feel the spirit of the new season awaken and turn my face upwards to welcome this day, these rays. I bring my houseplants outside to revel in the rays, to feel the warm breeze whisper amongst their leaves.

I sit awhile, watching, noticing small buds, drinking in the scent, the sounds. A cockerel crows from over the valley. Birds flit from the inner branches of trees, from dark to light, coloured feathers flashing, vibrant, joyous.

I brew fresh coffee and hop over the old stone wall into the fields surrounding my house. I follow the fox trails, winding, grass greener now, pink flowers hinting from brown branches. My skin drinks in vitality, finally warmed through by the light.

I settle, back leaning on cool stone, face turned to the sky. A slight rustle to my right and my cat emerges from the grass, eyes wild, black fur shining. He curls around and around and sleeps, as cats do. I breathe deeply, pausing, imagining this new spring air infusing my body, clearing out the darkness of winter. Clouds drift, slowly, slowly, hints of white backed by that crisp, clear blue.

I relax my breath, a slow release. My eyes take in this scenery, the emergence of hope and life all around. I watch birds- robins, blue tits, goldfinch- busying in the high boughs above me. I watch the grass, now starting to tentatively shoot, lazily rippling in the gentle breeze as if caressed awake. A man and his dog trudge across a distant field, two small figures in the haze.

Of all the things that matter, this does. Of all the things that refresh, this breathes life. Of all the things that I am glad, this is the basis.

The man in the distance stops and sits and looks at the same scene I do, a different view, a different life but still the same.

Life. Nature. Wholeness. The seasons, ever present but ever changing. This small world. It is us and we are it and we are everything and everything is us. Breathe it in.



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  1. Lovely! We are the opposite, just heading into winter with leaves changing colour and cool southerly breezes (or, in fact, gales at the moment! and torrential rain!). I love feeling the change in the air 🙂

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