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Keeping the momentum

The beginning of January. The time where we square our shoulders, raise our chins and take the new year by the horns. We look those future 12 months squarely in the eye, on a level, fierce and determined, resolute with our lists of things we put off last year, a steel core of hope and desperation.
We set off running, throwing ourselves in, deep, immersion. Clawing at the mountain of our dreams, scrabbling for a fingerhold, hoping for something, anything, to stick.

And sometimes we succeed, and sometimes we fail.

Too much, often overloaded. A way to veer off the path to success. We list, in our favourite pens, on thick paper, on the fresh, black pages of a new journal, on the fresh, blank first day of the year. We think of everything we wish we were. Fitter. Thinner. Richer. More relaxed. More well read. More educated. And the list goes on.

Sometimes we pause and look at the list and wonder how we’re ever going to tackle the 60 things that are on it, sneering at us. But we shake our heads and dive in anyway, with no plan, with nothing but momentum. We push our selves, push our souls, push our bodies. We want it all and no small part. We see that perfect, golden being, that ethereal superhuman, shimmering at the end of the list. We fly and flail, claws and teeth. Anything to get to that end. But it’s too much. We don’t plan. We don’t break it down. We want it all. And with no direction, no focus…that list of 60 things is abandoned for another year, another time.

New Year can make or break us. We begin, on that watery morning, that dawn of the first day of the first month. Watercolour skies and pastel minds. A gentle dawn, a quiet introduction.
So, the key is to keep this close. Keeping the momentum of that quiet, serene morning. Internalising those few moments of wholeness, of inner calm, of optimism and knowledge, that time before the world awakes and charges full steam into 2015.

Think of one thing. The one thing that’s the most important to you this year. Close your eyes and imagine that, the result, the finish. Conjure up that moment and amplify, feel it, breath it, see through your closed eyes, colour your world. Look back from that point in the future. Look at yourself right now. What was your first step…

And that’s all we need to know. No endless lists of half-made thoughts. We focus on one thing, that first, tentative, baby step. We can achieve this. We can feel proud and importantly, we can start that momentum in a way that is possible to keep it going. We won’t burn out, we won’t lose track.

So the first step is done. So we take another, surer now, but still with that laser focus, that guide, knowing there’s nothing to distract us. And we continue. And the momentum builds slowly and before we know it, we’re there, we’re doing it, it’s no longer a pipe dream, it’s a habit, it’s a skill, it’s US.

And when we feel sure of ourselves, we can begin to tackle something else. Another area, another habit, another goal. One at a time, fully, intentionally.

Forget the list of resolutions. Forget last year, forget those tens of vague aspirations. Choose one and choose with a whole heart and mind. No distractions.

Love it, breath it, become it.



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