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Goodbye Hairspray

Goodbye hairspray

It’s just over 2 weeks into the latest round of buying nothing new. And, consumer cravings aside, it’s going pretty well.

I’ve run out of a few previously essential grooming products (eye make-up remover, hairspray, dry shampoo) and instead of replacing, I’ve decided to forego.

What we deem as essential is subjective. A safety crutch, a prop, products sold to us to help us conform to beauty norms, created so we buy the things they want to sell. Quick fixes so we can try to look as flawless as possible. I want to find a way around depending on these. I want to let go this year. I want to love me, not the image of me I think I should be. And as small as it seems, letting go of the little things, one at a time, is helping me along the way.

Another reason I’m not replacing many toiletries is ethical. I’m becoming more and more inspired by reusing, by reducing waste, by looking into less harmful alternatives to our everyday products. And so, do I need to spray glue on my hair and discard yet another pressurised aerosol can? Do I need to wipe my eyes with a cocktail of ingredients derived from goodness knows where, to remove yet another cocktail of ingredients with the same dubious history? Do I need to create more waste from products that are sold as cheap, discardable ‘essentials’? How is this helping me to look after my small bit of the world?

Back in 2012, my first foray into buying nothing new was a test, I suppose. A challenge to see if I, the retailers dream, could stick it out and succeed in buying nothing. I did, and I learnt a lot along the way.
This time round, I’m building on those seeds of inspiration I unearthed 3 years ago, and instead of seeing this year as a time of deprivation, I see it as a huge, year-long opportunity.

An opportunity to remove the ‘fluff’ and focus on what is important to me. To try out new ideas and see what sticks. To make more of an impact on my little corner of the world, to look after it and myself as best I can. To try and inspire, in any small way. To share my experience and learn from others.

The sole came off my walking boots yesterday. It’s time to think outside the box.

4 thoughts on “Goodbye Hairspray

  1. They are harder to find these days, but shoe repair shops still exist and hopefully they could fix your sole without having to put a new one in its place. Just an idea 🙂

    1. Thanks for the idea Jen! I had a look after I read your comment and found a cobbler’s in my local indoor market, so if the ‘superglue and crossed fingers’ approach doesn’t work (I’m not too hopeful heh heh) I’ll head on down there and see if they can fix it!
      All the best
      Sal 🙂

  2. Well done! It’s not always easy not to conform and in that respect I feel lucky to live abroad and away from other expats, where the pressure is not on like this, nor do I work in a corporate world. I absolutely did not “get” the “make-up-free selfie” thing last year, as I rarely wear make-up anyway – for a special occasion I might use a bit of eye-pencil, mascara and a gentle lipstick and that’s all I own now. I gave up dyeing my hair very quickly and am happy with my “silver linings” now it’s all through my dark hair, I think it looks much more natural and pretty (though it took a while for my husband to get used to it!). After nearly 40 years of trying all kinds of products for my difficult skin, I have stopped using any kind of medical or cosmetic cleansers, toners, creams etc, no soap or anything other than (our hard) water. If it feels dry I put a bit of almond oil on it. It’s never been so unproblematic – what is in those products?! As for my hair, I gave up blow-drying years ago and never got into straightening it which I would have done if I was younger, as I always wanted straight hair!! No, it gets a wash with a plain and simple almond shampoo and dries into wonderful curls 🙂
    Stand proud of your real self!!!

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