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One Empty Wallet 2015: Deciding what to keep

Deciding what to keep

So, I’m jumping off the consumer train once again in 2015. Fancy joining me? You can read what happened the first time I bought nothing for a year right here…and here.

Winter is here and Christmas is drawing close and my year of buying nothing is fast approaching. I absolutely can’t wait. I’m starting to feel like a big clear out before I begin, but something is stopping me.

I don’t buy much for myself. Well, I don’t buy many things. Coffee is another matter. And although I’m always paring down, I’m starting to reach the point where I have to make a decision. Oh no.

2015 is about learning about myself and my relationship with money and purchasing. Back in 2012, I replaced my physical purchases with spending just as much on experiences, nights out, nice meals, endless coffee. I still spent and consumed like a pro. I just shifted my focus. So, this time around, I am interested to see how I’ve changed. Inspired by Mark Boyle’s The Moneyless Manifesto,Β and with a growing interest in sharing economy, permaculture and self-sufficiency, my focus has changed a lot since 2012. And here’s my dilemma.

I’ve got summer stuff, camping stuff, adventure stuff, fitness stuff. Summer clothes in a vac bag under the spare bed. And of course I could donate these. After all, I’m not using these at all right now.
But that would mean a re-purchase a few months down the line. Of course I could borrow and share equipment. But if I’ve already got it, I won’t need to purchase it again. But…it’s clutter.

But, but, but.

So I’m going to clear it all out. Be ruthless, honest and truthful about clothing needs. Repair, share, borrow, swap if I need to. Donate, modify, bodge, learn. Make do.
I use what I’ve got and most things I own are beautiful, useful, quality items. But over the last few months, a few ‘Primani’ specials down the line, some items have snuck their way into my inventory that wouldn’t usually be hiding in there. So it’s a mini-blitz and a major organisation.

And a clear head. An idea for next year. Confidence in myself. Love for my life. Love for learning, growing, and reducing dependence on consuming.

Doing things, making things, repairing things…not buying things…


2 thoughts on “One Empty Wallet 2015: Deciding what to keep

  1. I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog but am especially interested in this post as I feel much the same as you: I no longer browse or shop for entertainment, decluttering is constant and I’ve only half of what I used to have in the way of “stuff” (I still have things I love!) and though my life and finances have improved, I still find I spend on the same things you do and want to get that sorted, too! Looking forward to reading about your further experiences but also the enthusiasm in your voice.

    1. Thank you Swissrose, I’m enjoying finding different ways to get around spending on non-physical stuff. I’m becoming interested in sharing, swapping and even bartering for music, books or services! But not coffee yet… πŸ˜‰

      I looked on your website and I love it. Your photography is beautiful. I loved your article about Swiss Christmas Statistics and how home made items are the number one gift πŸ™‚

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