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Surround yourself, immerse yourself

Surround yourself
So you look to the people around you and maybe they’re stressed. Maybe they’re stuck in a job they hate. Maybe they have money worries or relationship problems. Maybe they work long hours for little or no recognition.

How many of the people around you inspire you? How many are doing what they love? How many people make you believe that anything really is possible? How many encourage and support your dreams? Instead, would they just tell you to stop dreaming? Too many people are in the ‘yes but’ brigade, thinking and vocalising all those endless reasons why you should stay in a ‘normal’ job, in a ‘normal’ life. Can these people envisage the life and dreams and projects you love? Are they even on your radar any more?

You’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with. It’s worth looking closely. The people you love, care about, laugh with. Are you surrounding yourself with true positivity?

People giving the right support can let you fly. People giving the wrong advice can ground you. Just the hope or spark that everything is within reach. It lifts your spirits and your creativity like nothing else.

Research people who are already doing what you aspire to. Individuals who inspire you to change your world. People who teach you that truth-that you aren’t governed by what our culture says is a normal job or a normal lifestyle. People who live their lives according to their own rules, not someone else’s agenda.

Take a look at yourself too. If someone close to you has an amazing idea, are you the encourager, the supporter, the shout-it-from-the-rooftops champion? Do you jump on board and talk endlessly about all the reasons WHY? Do you encourage the stars in their eyes and the hope in their mind?

Or do you think of all the things that could go wrong? All the reasons why not?

Become a cheerleader for yourself, become a cheerleader for others. Surround yourself with people who make you soar. Immerse yourself in crowds with ideas, with politics, with positive attitudes and who see the excitement and potential in every day. People who challenge you to be your best self, people who make you think. Become who you can be, because you can be. Where will people take you? It’s up to you.