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What does a Minimalist do?

Filling in the spaces-what does a Minimalist do?

what does a minimalist do room

So, just what does a Minimalist do?
After reducing all the unnecessary clutter and creating nice shiny empty shelves?
After donating all their old books and music and games and items and clothes and shoes and make-up?
After clearing out the attic and shed and wardrobes and cupboards and drawers and chests? After realising they now no longer need those spare wardrobes and cupboards and drawers and chests, and so donating them to charity or selling them too?

After ridding yourself of everything? What’s left? How do you fill your time?

Isn’t it, well, just, really boring?

Minimalism isn’t boring

No, really. I believe that you don’t need to ‘get rid’ of all your possessions to call yourself a Minimalist. You don’t have to sell all your computer games if you love computer games. If you play them all the time and that brings you joy, then you have a reason to keep them.

If your job involves you having to dress a specific way and project a certain image, you’ll need different clothes, and probably a larger amount than some people. Again, these items are needed. You don’t have to give them away.

Minimalism, I feel, is a way to reduce unnecessary clutter. If you’ve hundred’s of old cd’s knocking around that are just gathering dust. If you have tens of shelves with ornaments you haven’t looked at in a long time. If you never, ever re-read your books.

Minimalism removes the distractions and allows you to focus more on what is important to you. For me, it allowed me to rediscover what I was good at and what I loved. Becoming more minimalist meant that I didn’t need to go out and buy yet more clothes or shoes just to make myself feel good. It meant I had more money to spend on things I actually loved, on experiences, on creating memories.

So what can Minimalism do?

Through Minimalism, I had more time to practise writing. I made more space and time to play music and create, too. I learned I didn’t want to spend my life stressed out in my job, so I left and explored a few avenues over the last 2 years. I tried a few different areas and finally became true to the person inside, following my dreams from all those years ago. Minimalism whats does a minimalist do lighthousegave me the space to figure this out. I removed myself from the consumer loop, from needing to earn to spend and fill my house up with more and more stuff. I still get the odd craving for designer shoes and bags, for sure. It’s an evolving journey. Nowadays I just usually stare at a picture for a few moments and then get terrified by the price. I remember what else I could do with the money. And I also think forward a few months to the inevitable time that expensive bag would be sat on a shelf, gathering dust. That gets rid of the craving pretty sharpish.

A minimalist doesn’t focus on collecting more and more items. A minimalist uses items that are useful and that bring them joy. A minimalist can become more mindful of why they do things, and develop new and rewarding perspectives. For me, minimalism allowed me to follow my passion. I personally don’t feel minimalism is about creating lack in your life. I use it as a tool to get rid of distraction, whether that’s physical or mental.

For more on how to apply minimalism to your own life, why not check out my other posts: First steps in Minimalism and how to be a minimal consumer.








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