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Anger at the masses: why apathy is the new normal

Apathy. You hate your job. Yet you go to it every day, spending hours complaining how crap it is.
You are bored senseless with your life. Yet you know nothing will ever change and just live out each day with a growing sense of staleness.
You hate social media because it shows everyone else, with their exciting lives and activities. You complain how boring your life is.
You’re bitter towards those who have a ‘better’ life, more money, a nicer car, more friends, a busier social life, a better body. You complain about it, every day. But what do you do to change it? And how do you make room to realise that there’s something else out there?

I’m not apathetic…my life really does suck

It probably does. Sorry. So what are you going to do to change it? So many of us sit and moan and then moan some more, becoming the embodiment of apathy in the process. We continue on the relentless, never-ending path and think that it can’t be any other way. ‘Poor me’, we think. I’m stuck right here, in this crappy job, screwing our apathy-jobeyes up against the office strip lighting. Our single thought is ‘this sucks’, as we browse the job pages looking for employment, before spending the rest of the day watching TV soaps or getting lost in social media. We look in a single direction. We can’t see outside our blinkers. We’re focused on the pursuit of misery, when it should be the opposite. But we can’t see it. We complain for that momentary relief, then it’s back to the grey and that tight, soul-destroying thought that this is all there is for us. We’re not those other people. Good things don’t happen to us. This is how life is. Isn’t it?

You don’t get to complain if you don’t try to change it

How do you discover that push to shift? Where does the spark come from? How do you finally open your eyes and realise that this life really is what you make it? No-one else is gonna give jack shit about your situation. You’ve got to improve it yourself.

The thing is, complaining about our jobs has become commonplace. No one’s supposed to like work anyway, are they? So we continue to fester, in employment or out of employment, waiting for the situation to, well, just to up and change itself. Apathy really has become the new normal.

Complaining gives us something to talk about. We bond over how crap our bosses are. We find solace in our despair that we’re going to be wearing uncomfortable suits until we’re 60, only with larger and shiner watches and bigger wheel trims on our executive cars as we slime our apathy-exective.jpgway up the pay grades.
We take to social media and spread around our discontent. We like to like other’s discontent. But all this talk? This melancholia? These never ending tales of everyday woe?

They aren’t getting us anywhere.

Clear out your life, smarten up your thinking, kick out your apathy

We don’t get to complain if we haven’t tried to change our situation. You hate your situation? Whatcha gonna do? Continue to stand by and let it happen to you? Our actions, or inactions, tell more of a story than our incessant words of complaint ever will.

What do most people do in this situation? They make a list. I’m here to tell you DON’T MAKE A LIST. A list is a way of putting off any decision that scares you, that will wrench you out of the unfulfilling but comfortable state of your boring life. You use it to justify whatever is easier for your mind. Lists aren’t the answer. Action is.

Hear the call

Get rid of unnecessary stuff. Give your mind the space to see what is on offer on the other side. Life really, really is what you make it. But the first step is letting your mind see the possibilities.
Ask yourself what if? Ok, so the last thing you want to do is go out and talk to someone who you look up to about how they first started. You’d rather stay home and read job ads and dream about what life would be like if you had that next promotion. (I’m telling you much the same as it is now, only with more physical clutter). But what if? You might scoff at that question. That resistance is telling. Think about it.

Imagine you are the person you’ve only ever dreamed of being. What would that person do?
I use this imagery a lot. I have a picture in my mind of my ‘ideal’ me, with awesome hair, standing in my light, airy kitchen in front of a large window, curtains floating in the breeze, the smell of summer all around. I ask myself how I got there. I ask myself who this person is. What does she do? What does she love? What does her day look like? I ask myself what she would do in my situation, then I do just that. One day I’m going to turn around and that person is going to be me. And I’m loving every step of the journey.

Minimise the shit, minimise the apathy

Our basic need isn’t to own a lot of stuff. Food, shelter, health. Friends, family, Experiences, memories. Once we shift our mindset from thinking it’s stuff we need….then it’s amazing what happens. We don’t need to buy more crap? What?
apathy-kitchen-setWe don’t need to buy a ‘summer wardrobe’? We don’t need a car on finance? We don’t need a house with 3 spare bedrooms? We don’t need a kitchen full of Kenwood chefs and Espresso machines? WHAT?
So if I don’t need to buy all of this stuff….what do I do with all this money I’m working my ass off to earn?

I don’t want to say to anyone that life starts outside of work. People love their jobs. Follow your own dreams. If it makes you insanely happy to work, in the job you’re in, that’s amazing.  Minimising your possessions may even clear a way for you to enjoy it even more, by removing the pressure to ‘make money’. Seeing the consumer cycle in action through you own eyes is a scary thing the first time. I remember sitting in a shopping mall, watching people mindlessly spending, spending, spending. I remember garish adverts shouting at me from billboards, photoshopped, neon. I remember all the ‘sale’ signs and the public aimlessly wandering from shop to shop to shop, loading up with yet more plastic bags. I remember feeling sick watching it. It was like The Matrix. I was scared but at the same time determined I’d never go back. I haven’t yet.

Take a stand against apathy and get creating

So here’s the call to arms. Complain about your life all you want…if you can truthfully say you’re trying everything to change it. That doesn’t mean doing the same thing you’ve always been doing. If it’s not working, change. Change your thinking. What would a successful solopreneur do? What would a billionaire do? What would a minimalist do? What would that ‘ideal you’ do? Do it, and become it. Live it. Apathy leads to more apathy. You wake up one day and it’s too late. You owe it to yourself to try. Yourself. Not anyone else.

apathy-red-pill-blue-pillThe first step outside the blinkered sight-line is the hardest. Even acknowledging that you want to change your situation is the hardest step. But once you’ve awoken that little spark, it won’t die. Nurture it, stay curious, change your focus. By reducing unneeded possessions, we can see that we have more options available.

One of those options might just be your ‘red pill’.

Will you take it?







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