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Why I love Pyrography

“To feel completely at one with what you are doing, to know you are strong and able to control your destiny at least for the moment, and to gain a sense of pleasure independent of results is to experience flow. The flow state has many names….Whatever words you use to describe flow experiences, they’re sure to be associated with the most precious moments in your memory.”
– Susan A. Jackson & Mihaly Csikzentmihalyi, Flow in Sports.

Some days call for slowness, concentration. On days like these it’s nice to sit, quietly concentrate, create and let flow come to me. This is why I love Pyrography.

Working with wood is an absolute pleasure. To run my fingers along the grain, inhale and smell the unique, natural aroma, see the differences between young woods and great, old trees that have lived through times long lost. What an honour to work this, to etch and make my mark and produce something that brings me and nature together, working in harmony to produce beauty.

IMG-20140517-01158Pyrography is creating art by burning designs onto wood or leather. Both natural materials, both unique in their feel and in their being. Looking at the wood, the shape, the way darker lines twist their way through the surface and beyond, tracing fingers over knots, oval or circular and each telling the story of the tree that this once was. Finding the story, uncovering and wondering, respecting the medium, giving life once more.

When I am burning a design or lettering, I am at peace. In the moment, fully absorbed, attention withdrawn from my surroundings and focused intently. Hours can pass in minutes. Storms can rage and gales can blow unnoticed outside and I continue, wrapped in enjoyment and history and creation, nothing else mattering.

I finish a piece all at once and I love absolutely every single moment. The finality of it ensures all my concentration is used. One mistake can ruin the whole thing. Slowly marking the wood, heat burning, dark, deep brown, smoke rising and drifting into my eyes and tangling in my hair. Intertwining.

I switch off by switching on. I make space by focusing. Create. Concentrate. Lose yourself.






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