Meet the cacti part 1- introducing Ernest

Ernest is my friend. He is rather affable, a little chilled out, and just plain cool. He also happens to be a cactus. I have no idea what type of cactus Ernest happens to be, I looked it up once I think, but the important thing is that he is awesome.

Ernest was a teeny tiny cactus. In fact, he used to live in a keyring bubble and travelled with me everywhere. He was extra cute. I watered him by putting his bum in a saucer of water every few weeks.

But believe it or not, Ernest started to grow, rather unexpectedly for a tiny, round cactus encased in a plastic keyring. Over the years he’s grown from a prickly little sphere into a sort of even pricklier cucumber shape. I’m rather proud.

Now he is all grown up, and every year he comes over all flustered and pops out some spiffing pink flowers. A few years ago he developed a rather relaxed ‘lean’, and has resisted all attempts to make him grow straight upwards. Ernest is pretty chilled. He is mostly found relaxing in the conservatory with his cactus friend, James.

Here are some pictures of him. I hope you agree he is rather wonderful. I love him as much a you can love a cactus, which I feel is rather a lot.







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