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Positivity & Thoughts

Positivity is hard.

Think back over the past few hours. How many negative thoughts or negative comments have you made, either about yourself, your situation, or the people around you? Have you thought to yourself? Have you written something negative on social media? Have you sighed inwardly when looking in the mirror? I catch myself, too. Just a glance, just a quick, despondent sigh, almost imperceptible, but still there. And still powerful.

Think about the worst thing about yourself. Think of the worst thing about the person nearest you. Think of the worst thing about your situation. How do you feel? I’m guessing pretty crappy, right?

That little, nagging spiteful voice is in all of us and it pipes up without us even thinking. Day after day after day, imagine what this negativity is doing to our mood, our self-esteem, and the mood of the people around us. This is not a case of opposites attract.

And it’s so hard, but I ask myself can I flip it? That person I’m sat near? What is their best quality? Think of it magnify it, and add 2 more qualities that person has. Concentrate and amplify this, bigger, bigger.

The way you put yourself down this morning? Would any person say that to you? Take that quote. Close your eyes and let it flood through you, growing in your heart and bursting through your chest. It hurts.

So, take that hurt and try, really hard, to flip it. I found it so, so hard, but in the end, it began to happen. For a while, I couldn’t think of one good thing about myself. if someone sold me to try and name a positive quality, I just couldn’t. So, instead of focusing on myself, I focused on anything but myself. I was just so happy that moorland existed, for a bit. Then I liked that strawberries and cream was a thing. I was glad for trance music. Then eventually, one day, I noticed that actually, I quite liked my wrinkles.

Check in on your emotions now. Do you feel worse then a few moments ago? Do you feel better? It’s so easy to think the worst, to be consumed by those dirty grey echoes of mischief, those thoughts winging their way around your skull.

It’s hard to be positive, especially when we’re facing trying circumstances. When I couldn’t find one nice thing to say about myself, instead I started saying nice things about others. I didn’t want to hear any gossip, negativity, judgement, flippant comments. Over a long time, I began to feel a little glimmer of light. The world started to look a little more hopeful.

Stay classy. Rise above. Don’t bitch just to get a reaction. Analyse the reasons you want to write something negative just before you hit send. Take a breath, a second, before those words pass your lips. See the thought in your mind? Shake your head and play with the other view. Even if it’s just the fact that you made a really nice cuppa this morning. Or that you got the washing in.

Positivity breeds positivity. Change your focus and bring some happiness into somebody’s day.

Be mindful of your feelings. If you catch the negative urge, just hit pause. Notice how your body is responding physically. Take a deep breath and change your posture. Think. How will you affect the world around you by this action? How will you affect the world inside you?