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Time slows down amongst trees

Time slows down amongst trees.

To wrap arms around solid bark. To breathe in scents of the earth. To lay my head against a trunk and listen to sap rising, to whispers in the leaves, to the tickle of twigs in the canopy above.

A dawn walk through woods, hands grazing branches, breathing in deeply that smell, natural, knowledge, time. A tree sees and absorbs and knows.

Whenever you need a break, find a tree. Lean back against it. Close your eyes. Feel protected. Look up through the leaves, through the branches, different shades of green and brown and rustling and movement. Close your eyes. Share your space.

Time slows down amongst trees. In the woods, the bustle is dampened, the breeze muted, the animal calls soft, distant, even though just a few feet away. A magical place. Light slants, glows, golden, highlighting logs, moss, branches, more than we can see.

Tread softly.