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Social minimalism-how to stay classy on social media

How often does your use of social media add value to your life? How often have you clicked on a post or link that really makes you think? Social media is a powerful, instant and effective way to share ideas, information and knowledge. But sadly, this is getting lost in a banausic wave of like-fishing statuses, FarmVille requests and banal descriptions of the minutiae of everyday life.

Now. I’m actually sadly, as guilty as sin right here. My very own attempts at social media updates in the past might possibly have included the thrilling “meh”, the over-stimulating “still painting”, and an 11-tweet epic describing an hour waiting for someone to arrive on a train. Oh, the shame.

What good am I bringing to the world through my flowing 140-character prose? Judging by my last efforts…precisely none. I’ve not even elicited a lower-case ‘lol’. Sad times.

Let’s have an experiment. I’ve tried, and failed, so many times to quit technology. Now I have a new idea. Let’s use it for GOOD! To make people think, to smile, to even make them lol. Who knows, one day I may even receive a LMAO. In capitals. Possibly even with a smiley face tagged on to the end. 🙂

Twit away by all means. Facebook to your heart’s content. But ask yourself a few questions, just before you press that ‘post’ button.

-Will the person reading this feel happy? Or will it make them sad? Will it annoy them? Will they sigh in exasperation?
Share the happiness. Spread a little joy. Reach into the corners of the internet and sprinkle some sparkles. Change someone’s day in a good way.

-Are you fishing for likes or comments?
Does your status read like this? “Sometimes I just can’t be bothered” or “something’s just happened that makes me smile” or the worrisome “god I just don’t get SOME PEOPLE” (although why anyone over the age of 12 would write that I don’t know).
If your status sounds even a little bit like the above…stop! Please stop! Delete it, make yourself a brew, and get back to normal. Phew. That was close. It’s ok. We all feel a little like that sometimes.

-Is it a game request?
Dude. Just….dude.

Spread some positivity! There’s an infinite world of information, opinion, fact, fiction. Share things you find interesting, share great articles, share good deeds and random acts of kindness, share beautiful things and photos and love and glitter and knowledge and truth. Use social media for good, not banality. Use it to share the best parts of you.

Stay classy. Minimise your frequency, maximise your quality. Open people’s eyes to the things you find beautiful and inspirational, and share your best self.

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