The hardest hurdle to exercise is the first step. One foot in front of the other. It’s not your body that can’t. It’s your mind that WON’T.

Moving is amazing. Even that slow plod, along the pavement, is out of the house and it is rejuvenating, flooding your muscles with the good stuff, blood and oxygen and nutrients and life. Your body wants to go, to breathe in the fresh air, not fester and stagnate and be stuffed full of sugars and bad fats and stale air.

You live in a city? No excuse. Trace the building with your fingertips. Look for little plants, peeking out of the cracks in the concrete. Wonder at design, sit and people watch and then move on, smile at people, find your own corner of the city, your own route. Share with wildlife and not-so-wildlife. Find a swing park. Play like you’re 6 years old. Treat your body, treat your mind.

You live in the country? Wander over moors and down lanes, see the different wildlife, laugh in the pouring rain, feel the wind whip your hair and breathe in the iciness.

Movement feeds your mind and does amazing stuff.

Are you feeling some resistance? We all know the benefits of exercise right? Are you feeling a little angry and wishing you could get out there but…but…and…but….

I’ve been there, more than once.

It’s not your body that can’t, ok. It’s your mind that is the problem….so just move. Feel awful. Feel angry. Cry if you must. But whilst you’re feeling all of this, shove your trainers on, get out the door, lock it behind you, stride out and before your mind even notices what you’re doing, you’ll be exercising. Stealthily. Shhh. Keep it down over there.

Do it for yourself. Do it for your mind, despite your mind. There are some amazing tips for keeping on track around the net.

It’s never the right time….nah. It’s ALWAYS the right time.



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