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Simple Beauty – minimal face and body oil

We buy shower gels and soaps that dry our skin. We buy moisturisers to replenish this lost moisture. We buy concoctions of god knows what to cover our lines and wrinkles and fill in pores and glide over spots. We work our hands to the bone then buy creams and products to make our nails grow faster and to keep our skin healthy and protected from the creams and lotions and gels we use to kill every single bacterium that is currently attempting to reside on said hands.

We buy make up to plaster on our skin and then we buy wipes and creams to take it off again. We buy shampoos to strip our hair then we buy conditioners to put the moisture back in. And look on the back of any of the shop bought creams and oils. I’ll bet there is more than one ingredient on that list. Sites like INCIdecoder are great for figuring out what the ingredients in your products actually do, and if any of them could be harmful.

We’re in a beauty pickle.

I’m undecided as to whether we need any of these products at all. And for now, the way I’m going is home made, a blend of oils, gentle and natural. My current ‘do everything’ moisturiser is this…20140318-154605.jpg

It’s grapeseed oil, mixed with avocado oil, argan oil, wheat germ oil, sweet almond oil, rosehip oil, vitamin E and carrot oil. And that’s it. It is AMAZING.

I use it as a body moisturiser, a face oil, a hair oil, a bath oil, lip balm, cleanser, nail oil, foot oil…you name it. It’s 100% natural, loads cheaper than advertised products, and the only preservative is the vitamin E. It was £6 for 500ml of grape seed oil. I had everything left over from my aromatherapy days. Once it runs out, I’ll grab another huge bottle of whatever oil. I might bung some olive oil in too.

My challenge is to use things with as few ingredients as possible and to think about whether I really need to use a product. If you’ve got any ideas or experiences let me know! 🙂

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