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A detox for the soul


I rub my tired eyes and close the tablet cover, exhaling and drawing my brows to a furrow. Having just read the nth how to do work you love email that I subscribe to, I am feeling worn out, rinsed of any speck of motivation. I feel lost, constantly comparing to people I know and now people I think I should know. I’m not even trying to build my business. I know I’m not in the right place.

I need to fix myself. I need a solid base to fly from.

Time out.

The soul detox is hard. It’s getting back to the real you, not in comparison to others. It’s tech-free, junk-free, make-up free, alcohol-free. It’s forcing yourself to move when you don’t want to. It’s doing a lot less thinking than you’d imagine.

A loose guide to the soul detox.

It’s up to you how your detox goes. Think about no phone, internet, radio or television. Books are good.
Walk, run, cycle. Climb trees. Swim in the wild. Sleep outdoors with no tent.
If you can get away, do so. Book a b&b, a cottage, somewhere remote and beautiful. Go home if you can. Do things.
The key is not to think. Write a lot, write about what you loved about each day, write to people, even if you do not send the letters. Do not think about what you should be doing, what passion you should somehow be discovering. Give your mind a break from all that shit. Be in the moment.

Eat good foods. You can have nice food but no bags of sweets. No chocolate. Hold off the alcohol. Just to give your mind a little break. You might feel a bit crap. If you do, drink water and breathe in fresh air. Go to the sea. Go IN the sea. Distract yourself.

Go to bed early and get up early. Walk into the sunrise. Be still and watch nature around you. Take an old camera, one with a film in. How does it feel knowing that the one photograph counts? No photoshop, no taking 6 photos until you get the perfect shot. The excitement of picking up the developed photos from the shop when you return.

Take a beautiful notebook and your favourite pen. Don’t feel you have to use it.

How long is your soul detox? However long you need it to be. But as soon as you log back onto the internet, it’s finished. Store up that feeling and visit it when you need it. Hopefully your brain will have done some healing and feel clearer. Think about what you loved, how you felt, what experiences you have had. How hard was it to let go of social media? Why? Who did you write to? What did you say? Did you send the letters? How did you feel without the crutch of processed sugar? What physical symptoms did you have, if any? What walks did you go on? What nature did you see?

It’s so easy to get wrapped up in this 24/7 world and forget who we are, where we’re going, and what we want to do. Sometimes, just sometimes, all it takes is a break for your brain to take a step back and refocus, redirecting you to your own path.


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