How to buy nothing for a year

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Here you can find links to my 2 separate years challenging myself to buy nothing for a year

The Articles

You can follow my minimalism journey, past and present, right here. I’ll add new articles to the list as I go, and of course you can always check back for new updates.

2012: One Empty Wallet Round 1

Part 1-The first 6 months

Part 2-The second half of 2012 and summary

I haven’t been shopping…The Aftermath

2015: One Empty Wallet Round 2

Back in 2012 I bought nothing for a year as an experiment. Inspired by The Minimalists, I wanted to see if I could complete the challenge of going about my normal life, just without consuming so much stuff.

I am proud to say I managed to complete the whole year only buying consumables and toiletries. That year I quit my high pressure management job and a lot changed for me. I wrote about the experience as it was happening and I’ve split this into 2 parts.

Since 2012 my ‘self’ and my mindset changed a lot and I was ready to dive in once again. So 2015 brought on One Empty Wallet round 2. That time around I was interested to see how my spending would change since the first time around, and if I could still exist without the crutch of consuming now I was living a much improved, more minimal lifestyle…

One Empty Wallet 2015: Why I’m repeating my year of buying nothing

One Empty Wallet 2015: Deciding what to keep

One Empty Wallet 2015: Ground Rules

One Empty Wallet 2015: So, I bought a car…when buying nothing gets hard

One Empty Wallet 2015: The Hurdles and Turning a Corner

One Empty Wallet 2015: Why buying nothing will change your life

#BuyNothing2015: Halfway

One Empty Wallet 2015: Falling off the wagon

Buy Nothing 2015: The Roundup

Love Minimalism

How to make your friends into Minimalists

Stop buying stuff

How to consume as a Minimalist

Application of Minimalism

What does a Minimalist do?

Join In!

I’d love to hear if you’ve ever spent any time not buying anything. For a week, a month, 6 months, the whole year… what were your experiences? I changed more than I ever thought I would during the first time round. If you’re thinking about trying a buy nothing for a year challenge, let me know!

You can tweet me @oneemptyshelf and search 2015’s experiment using #buynothing2015. Join in on Google+, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. If you decide to join in let me know!

The best things in life? They aren’t things…


13 thoughts on “How to buy nothing for a year

  1. I too am embarking on a ‘no-buy’ journey this year – lovely to find your blog. I have encountered many people buying ‘nothing-new’ but not many who are buying nothing at all, so suddenly I don’t feel quite so alone!

    1. Yey! Hope your no-buy adventure is going well, I like the idea of buying nothing ‘new’ but I found I just bought double the amount as it was better value! Not good. I love the zen of buying nothing. It takes a few weeks to settle into it but then…wow. It’s like a whole new world.

      Your post about the gift of nothing is absolutely wonderful Em. It perfectly captures the reason behind buying nothing-not for the challenge, but for the positive impact on your world, your family, your path. Beautiful.

      If anyone else wants to read it, you can find it here:
      🙂 Sal

  2. I did the buy nothing for a year thing in 2010, and I’m doing it again for a year starting on buy nothing day. I will still pay for food, utilities, housing, transport and education, and that’s it… Hope your year went well…

  3. Love your website! I bought nothing in 2016, and plan to do it again in 2018. Also planning a blog to talk about it. Its life changing!

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