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Things I love

I love the silence as snow falls thickly to the ground. I love that quick moment, between sleep and wakefulness, that one second when all you know is comfort and safety, duvets and dreams. I love the feeling of fitness, being a human, power in muscles, joy in movement. I love a deep, thumping bassline,… Read More Things I love

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OES Video Magazine #2

OES Video Magazine #2 is here! Leaving jobs, sunshine and strawberries! Share:

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First Day

The first warm day of spring, the day after the equinox. From a chilly start, the sun rose higher, pale yellow light strengthening, the birds celebrating in song. For the first time I feel the spirit of the new season awaken and turn my face upwards to welcome this day, these rays. I bring my… Read More First Day


One Empty Shelf on YouTube

Welcome to One Empty Shelf! Share:

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3 simple ways to find more time

  I discuss 3 simple ways to find more time, helped by Tim the cat! 1) Decide what’s important to you and make it a priority… 2) Look at your distractions, how could you use the time better? 3) Have a goal, so you know what you’re aiming for… Find the Self Control app at:… Read More 3 simple ways to find more time

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Minimalism Tag!

I answer Hello Cathy’s Minimalism Tag questions! Check out more One Empty Shelf videos right here… Why not make your own response? The 6 questions are… 1. What drew you to Minimalism? 2. How did you start the decluttering process? 3. Have you ever counted all of your things? If so, how many things do… Read More Minimalism Tag!