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3 books, 3 points: September 2018, Part 2

It’s been nice to have the time recently to sit down and get some serious reading finished! I’ve managed to crack through a good few books this month, hence the two-parter (you can find part 1 here). It’s been great to find some really good reads to review for 3 books 3 points this month.… Read More 3 books, 3 points: September 2018, Part 2

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Last breaths of summer

It’s warm today, but not the searing heat of weeks past. Muted, warmth in the breeze, echoing the gentleness that hangs in the air. Plants still flower but without the vigour and brightness of high summer. Smaller flowers, duller tones. Leaves begin to droop, ever so slightly, as they cling to the parting waves, echoes… Read More Last breaths of summer

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3 books, 3 points – August 2018

3 books, 3 points returns! After a break, book reviews are finally back. Which is great because it means lots more reading time! Over the last few months I have read many books, but I thought I’d just dive back in with the books I’ve devoured this month. I’m wondering too, for the avid readers… Read More 3 books, 3 points – August 2018

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Give me good news

Give me good news instead of wars and bombings, instead of death and conflict, instead of secrets and hoodwinks. Give me good news instead of global warming, instead of disease and famine, instead of injustice and food banks. Give me good news instead of racist language, instead of control and fear, instead of demands and… Read More Give me good news

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Last September, I went back to university. I applied and was a little stunned when I was accepted onto the course. And, true to form, I spent the intermediate months working myself into a frantic ball of worry. By the time term came around, I was adamant I wasn’t going. But go, I did. I… Read More Growing