Natural Beauty

I’ve been thinking for a while about natural beauty products and replacing my current make up with more eco-friendly, ethical brands. After chatting on Twitter about ethical companies, I decided to take the plunge, and when things run out, I will replace with more ethical alternatives. I want to start cutting down on plastic use… Read More Natural Beauty



I started to learn the piano at age 5. I went through the usual child/teenager practice angst, of course. Much as I hated practicing, I loved the fact that I could play an instrument, and the fact that as the years went on, I was pretty good. At age 18 I passed my Grade 8… Read More Piano

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About wastefulness.

I want to talk about wastefulness. About how strange it is that a ‘replace’ rather than ‘re-use’ culture has grown in the past few decades. About how things are made to break, rather than made to last. I’ve spoken before about how I work part time in a charity warehouse. This has given me a… Read More About wastefulness.


Humbug…a goodbye to 4 little wheels

My little silver bubble on wheels, companion through angry commutes, tens of thousands of miles. Provider of warmth in 6am motorway traffic queues. Wheeled little stereo, bouncing our way back home, drum n bass turned all the way up, driving asbo, feeling alive. Companion through scenery that took my breath away, witness to smiles and… Read More Humbug…a goodbye to 4 little wheels

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Writing real letters-slow correspondence

Writing real letters-an afternoon of slow correspondence Correspondence is changing. What did you last get through the post? A bill-although most of these are now paper free…? Junk mail? Test results? Think back. How often nowadays do we receive real, personal mail? When did you last receive a letter? A real, handwritten, proper letter, with… Read More Writing real letters-slow correspondence