A little catch up

Hello, hello, hello…. A few things have happened in recent times, although it seems writing blog posts hasn’t been one of them, unfortunately! But here I am – armed with a cup of slowly curdling soy-milk coffee and some fake mint Poppets from Aldi… I think I’ve been affected more than I thought by the… Read More A little catch up

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Wrestling with words

You may or may not have noticed the reduced frequency of posts recently here on OES. And truly, I honestly don’t know why. It’s not that I’ve no time, or too much on… I’ve just been wandering in a fug for the last couple of months, not quite sure where I’m heading, and have been… Read More Wrestling with words

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A thousand years

I sometimes feel a thousand years displaced, an ache for a time, an unimaginable silence. Countless trees blanket hills, a fresh chill shimmering in the air and a life governed by respect and awe for the land from which we came. A thousand years of lost synergy, a pulse of forgotten heartbeats but a spirit… Read More A thousand years

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One Empty Shelf’s Year of Buying Nothing. Part 1 – 2012

Year of Buying Nothing 2012 You may have read elsewhere on One Empty Shelf about my year of buying nothing, which I did in 2012 and which was such an adventure. I blogged throughout on the first incarnation of One Empty Shelf, and reading through my old posts has brought back the lessons, the struggles… Read More One Empty Shelf’s Year of Buying Nothing. Part 1 – 2012