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Maintaining Minimalism – tips to keep going

Maintaining Minimalism – tips to keep going.  I’m over 3/4 through buying nothing for a year and now, it feels normal. Like shops are for other people and things are meant to be used until they fall to bits. Joy is found in eating fresh food, grown from the garden; in a sunrise, in a… Read More Maintaining Minimalism – tips to keep going

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It’s all about the outlook

It’s all about the outlook  Over the past few months, I felt an inkling that something was wrong with my minimalism journey. Buying nothing this year was taking its toll and I had started to notice the lack of ‘things’ in my life. I felt like I was living through a hardship, a test, a… Read More It’s all about the outlook

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  Some people are surprised when they enter my house. Living the minimalist label conveys a certain image of how your home should look. Shiny, spick and span. No clutter. No storage for clutter. Clean, empty surfaces, an uncomfortable designer chair or two, some ludicrous artwork. My house does not look like that. What I… Read More Pursuit

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Back to Simplicity

  It’s all too easy to get distracted in this whirlwind of a world. Focusing on too many things at once and feeling ourselves slipping from each and every one of them. Sometimes, the simple world just gets lost, left behind, forgotten for a while. But it’s still there, waiting for us to return, when… Read More Back to Simplicity

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#buynothing2015… buying nothing for a year, month 9!

Buying nothing for a year… Month 9 update   Woah. It’s 9 months since I started this challenge of buying nothing for a year. 9 MONTHS! Wow!  With only a quarter of the year left, my thought are turning to next year and the lessons I’ve learned from this journey over 2015. I have to… Read More #buynothing2015… buying nothing for a year, month 9!

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How to live with someone who isn’t a Minimalist

  How to live with someone who isn’t a minimalist Minimalism is not an easy thing. It’s not easy to begin a journey to dramatically reduce the amount of ‘stuff’ you own. It’s not easy to start to question why you bought that stuff in the first place. It’s really not easy to let that… Read More How to live with someone who isn’t a Minimalist

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#buynothing2015: Halfway

It’s halfway through 2015’s challenge to buy nothing new for a year. And truthfully, that’s come around pretty quickly. The plan for #buynothing2015 was by now to have miraculously learned to sew and mend, to be growing a lot of my own vegetables, be cycling to work every day and generally be an ethical superhero.… Read More #buynothing2015: Halfway

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How Buying Nothing Changes Your Life

How buying nothing changes your life How do we make ourselves feel better? I’m guessing the majority of answers today would focus on some kind of treat- a new pair of shoes, a haircut, a new book, a shopping trip. I was exactly the same-until I decided to buy nothing for a year. I was… Read More How Buying Nothing Changes Your Life

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Don’t save things

It’s tempting to fall into the hoarding mindset when faced with a year of buying nothing. Thinking ahead to the changing of the seasons, to the unpeeling of layers as the weather finally warms us and the daylight lingers that little bit longer each day. Don’t save things just in case. Waiting and building up… Read More Don’t save things

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“I’m not buying anything next year”.  “Huh?”  “Next year? I’m not going to buy anything new”.  “…….You’re what?”  “It’s an experiment, I’m not going to buy any new things for all of next year”  “Er…huh…what? You’re not going to what?”  And so begin many of my recent conversations. Conversations where people have asked me if… Read More “Huh?”