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To notice

To notice a new season, a chill in the air, a million hues of brown and yellow, the familiar smell of autumn. To notice a sound, a bird call, a breeze twisting branches, the bounce of rain off a roof. To notice a look, a movement, a subtlety, a whisper of skin against yours. To… Read More To notice

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It’s misty. Not the cold, damp tendrils we’re used to, but a warm, comforting, enveloping mist, a blanket of grey whose edges reach out and caress the earth, leaving a touch of moisture, a faint glitter on leaves and stone. The air smells earthy and thick. We’re waiting, me and the birds and the insects.… Read More Mist

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We spent the day turning our smartphones on and off, date, WiFi, 3G, 4G. We drove and got excited when the road offered us a spot of data, a small area where our phones would finally connect to the outside world. Our hearts leapt at the chance to stare at that small screen again, on… Read More Unplugged

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About wastefulness.

I want to talk about wastefulness. About how strange it is that a ‘replace’ rather than ‘re-use’ culture has grown in the past few decades. About how things are made to break, rather than made to last. I’ve spoken before about how I work part time in a charity warehouse. This has given me a… Read More About wastefulness.

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Summer evening

It was one of those rare summer evenings in Britain. It’s half past ten at night, and the sky is clear. It’s still light, although the blue is fading, merging slowly into orange, pink and pastel hues hinting over the horizon. One or two stars appear but to all intents and purposes it’s still daylight.… Read More Summer evening


Time to change

The leaves of the silver birch rustle delicately in a lukewarm breeze, rippling shadows onto the grass, rippling seasong to my ears. My eyes take in translucent stream lazily curling from a patterned mug, dark strong coffee cooling slowly from rosebuds and clay. A juvenile robin explores under the blackcurrant bush, a ball of fluff… Read More Time to change

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Losing Focus

Recently it feels as if my mind is everywhere. Flitting from one project to another. Planning, dreaming, working, rushing around at 100 miles an hour. And of course, inevitably, I feel as though I’m spread too thinly over all of the projects I’ve got on the go. As much as I hate to admit it,… Read More Losing Focus


One thing at a time

One thing at a time…how to do more by doing less Productivity. It’s a word we all aspire to. Streamlined lives, attaining everything we want to with the minimum of stress. We want to shine, to cruise, to glide into the life we want. We say yes to so many things, all those commitments we… Read More One thing at a time

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Why focusing on yourself is more important than anything else

We rush. We focus on work, on our family, on our money and our bills. We look for cars and holidays, for leisure and business. We plan nights out, we book up our calenders with socialising, we squeeze in time to provide a shoulder to cry on, a support. We worry about our loved ones,… Read More Why focusing on yourself is more important than anything else

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The simplicity of snow.

Head tilted to one side, resting on warm hands. A favourite mug with steam rising, condensing. Pupils wide, eyes soft, unfocused, transfixed by the countless millions of flakes, falling, drifting lazily from leaden skies. I focus on one, watching white, fluff, cold, buffeted by invisible currents in the air. It slides from my vision but… Read More The simplicity of snow.