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Return to minimalism – a journey

Over the past few years, I’ve had quite the journey with becoming minimalist. From those tentative few days, opening my wardrobe and staring desperately at the collection of high heels balancing precariously on shelves higher than my head, to now, settling into a sort of soft, simpler life, as far removed as possible from the… Read More Return to minimalism – a journey

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My heart is bangbangbangbangbanging against my chest, blood swooshing through my ears. Face red, icy wind whipping, stinging, prickling at my skin. Rain, always rain, soaking into the grass, slipping, sliding, ever upwards. Knees starting to tremble, but yes that’s it, I’m there, I’ve made it, I’m finally home, I’m home, I’m home. There’s something… Read More Homeland