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Melodramatic Studying

Studying isn’t a forte of mine. So I write melodramatic posts about it instead. I’d sacked off the place I was supposed to be, choosing excuses and time instead, facetiously to work, but really to stare at a screen and daydream. I pushed words out laboriously through my fingers, gazed at long, empty words of… Read More Melodramatic Studying

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Time moves forwards, as do we, sometimes looking back, but forever eternally moving on and on.  It is a healer, a cliché, an enemy, a friend. Time is a tool, an usurper, a disguise. In the moment, time can be hated and loved, derided or respected. The passage of time can break and heal and… Read More Arrows

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Time flies

It amazes me, as I get older, that time seems to shorten. I remember days that stretched on for an age, months that lasted for ever. Those long, hot, endless summers of youth, 6 weeks holiday seeming like half a lifetime. Now, April is drawing to a close. 6 months from Samhain, 6 months since… Read More Time flies

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Letting go of early mornings

Oh I’ve tried. I’ve tried to become a morning person. I’ve read blogs about increasing productivity, about gradually waking earlier to enjoy the silence of the day, about using the extra hours to meditate, to write, to walk and be in nature. I’ve tried setting my alarm gradually earlier, I’ve tried setting my alarm much… Read More Letting go of early mornings


Reasons – finding what drives you

I’m trying to be more mindful of the reasoning behind my actions. I’ve sometimes caught myself saying things, doing things, thinking things that just aren’t me. I’ve said yes to projects and commitments, I’ve done things I didn’t really want to, and found it easy to continue through life without questioning my motives. I’ve not… Read More Reasons – finding what drives you